Warner Bros finally takes responsibility for the Batman: Arkham Knight PC mess

MWEB GameZone writes: "Warner Bros finally (kind of) takes responsibility for Arkham Knight's PC mess.

How many times must you release a broken game on PC before you revise your internal review process?"

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Sillicur1228d ago

Its good that they took responsibility, but they should have modified their internal processes long ago in my opinion.

SonZeRo1228d ago

WB is on its way to EA level, Hope they can stop before it reaches that.

DLConspiracy1228d ago

You mean more like Ubisoft.

HanCilliers1228d ago

Funny enough, I think EA looks better. It's now Ubisoft and WB.

DesVader1228d ago

Feels a bit like 2014 all over again...there were so many broken games released last year :P

harikaerif1228d ago

Considering Arkham Knight was delayed from 2014 i guess it borrowed a little from that time :)

WitWolfy1228d ago

Well of course they should take responsibility! It's their IP!!

Meltic1228d ago

Not forgiven. Now i understand the pirates.... devs that dont care should not getting cash from us eather...

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