New Resident Evil: Degeneration trailer released

A trailer of the new Resident Evil: Degeneration motion-picture, that will be coming out soon.

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Poor Xbots3710d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, does that say for PS3?

Poor Xbots

avacadosnorkel3710d ago

it's a Sony pictures movie...
it will be available for rent on the 360, and 360 owners can buy the DVD.

I'm sure it will be available for rent or purchase on PSN just as it's coming on blu-ray for purchase too.

Veryangryxbot3709d ago

Poor bots, do us a favor. Just continue to cry with envy ok? We want a whole river after you guys are done.

As for this movie. Whats "coming soon"? Anyone got an exact date?

Norad63710d ago

This is an upcoming movie. Not a game.

Kaneda3709d ago

MGS solid cutscenes are better than this crap!

Gily3709d ago

So it can technically be on the site, just like Advent Children was.

Looks good, I wonder if this is the set of events that led to last RE film.

DFresh3709d ago

I thought this was a game but if it's a movie damn it looks good for a CGI Movie.
Can't wait till this movie comes out gonna buy it on Blu-ray.

unbiased3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

CGI is a little PS2 though. Needs some polish.

That monster at the end has a HUGE eyeball. I bet in real life If you fired a shotgun into a huge eye ball about 50 times it would do no damage.

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