Possibility Of FFVII Remake Generating A PS4 Sales Spike?

Square Enix seems to think that the announcement of the Final Fantasy VII Remake could create a sales boost for PlayStation 4. Doesn't seem feasible.

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PhoenixUp1251d ago

I have no doubt FFVII will dramatically increase PS4 sales in Japan, but I doubt that it can have a long lasting effect on its sales in the long term. Dragon Quest is the biggest franchise in Japan, just the Slime skin alone was able to dramatically spike PS4 sales, with Dragon Quest Heroes releasing later and having the same effect. Yet there are still weeks nowadays where WIi U outsells PS4. Software spikes can only do so much until things return back to normal.

Crimzon1251d ago

The funny thing will be if the project drags on for such a long time that it ends up releasing on the PS5 instead. I remember people being so excited for Final Fantasy Versus 13 that they bought a PS3 and well, we all know how that turned out...

MasterCornholio1251d ago

Well they enjoyed plenty of other games on the system so I can't see how that's a bad thing.

Nobody should buy a system just for one game.

Ravenheartzero1251d ago

No idea why you would compare versus 13 with FF7 remake. Even though it's a remake the foundation for the game is already there, the world, story, characters etc. They don't have to brainstorm everything which will cut the development time quite a bit. Not a 100% but I believe they said the game has been in development since before the PS experience. Also we will know more about the game later this year. I say 2017 imo. Can't wait :)

ps360s1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

@ MasterCornholio

I did (xbox360 for Gears and Halo....and some jrpg's....ok thats not one ><) lol but the intention was there

CantCookWontWin1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

The article says
" It could show up on Xbox One not long after, which means current Xbox One owners probably aren't sprinting to the stores right now to buy a PS4. "

I don't see how this is relevant given that only 17 people in Japan have bought an XBOne.

Letthewookiewin1251d ago

Ya I've been tracking US Amazon and the PS4 has been around 10th since before E3 and X1 hasn't been below 40th for a month. In fact right now it's at 41. It's just an observation.

Kavorklestein1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Not that I really care if articles are duplicates or not- (No matter how slightly different they may be worded) It kinda bothers me to see such a discrepancy with how often duplicate "Pro PS4" articles are allowed or even borderline Worshipped or taken as the bible truth, but substantially less "Pro Nintendo" or "Pro Xbox" articles make the cut or get the same free pass for the info within.

Now, on topic- this article is from a site called PSXextreme. PSX is Playstation right?

Why would they be talking about a possible Xbox one release if it wasn't likely? Maybe it's based on a unfounded rumor... but what if it is coming to XB1? Timed exclusive or not that would make sense seeing as the last few FF games have come to Xbox platforms as well as Kingdom Hearts 3 coming to XB1.

Food for thought? (Perhaps)
I'm just saying... Disagrees are expected for this comment, but I'm not going down any hateful roads, so please, consider my comment completely before instinctually clicking.

die_fiend1251d ago

Possibility? The possibility of a remake isn't generating a sales spike. The fact they ARE making it probably is though.

I know PSXtreme is probably a gaming website...I assume they've heard of E3?

corroios1251d ago

Possibility? lol. It will sells millions of copies Worldwide. Its a real system seller. Square knows that, sony knows thats and real gamers know that.

A PS4 bundle with FFVII will be a tsunami sales wise across Japan, USA and Europe!!!

Shadow Man1251d ago

Ahhhhh at the tsunami reference :|

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