Digital v Physical

Xbox Players take on the age old view of digital v Physical, Over the last 5 years the games industry and we as users have been party to a change in how software is being delivered to us.

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Relientk771169d ago

Physical, and I will always buy physical as long as games are available on disc

ShottyatLaw1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

I am 50-50. Obviously PSN and XBL indie titles are digital, but for certain titles I want day one, and I know I will keep for the life of the console, I will go digital. MCC and soon Uncharted Collection are great examples. Those are things you just like to have a click away on your console.

I just really wish someone would take the initiative and really give me more of a reason to go completely digital. I don't think it's hard -- how about early release + $49.99 price point for major titles? Games releasing on Tuesdays in the U.S. is just dumb. Why not provide digital early releases on the Friday before street dates with a small discount for not needing to pay the retailer their cut?

As much as I love the convenience, and I do take advantage of good sales here and there, they just don't give enough incentive to fully commit like we did on PC.

bmwfanatic1169d ago

I agree with what you say about incentives to buy digital. However at this point un the industry thats not gonna happen. The brick and mortar stores would be up in arms (gamestop Wal-Mart target best buy etc) and lose alot of money. Until the physical stores can offer the same incentives I dont see digital console prices going down.

freshslicepizza1169d ago

consumers feel more sense of ownership with physical but digital offers more convenience.

medman1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

Digital is a great convenience, but nothing beats having a physical copy of a game in your hand. Electronics can and do fail, or get corrupted, or Sony and Microsoft could get hacked, losing your data in the process...anything is possible. So for me, digital will never be as secure as having your own copy to do with as your please, whenever you please...including trading, letting friends borrow and borrowing friends games in return (though the stellar ps shareplay is taking care of that for me currently), buying physical used copies for cheaper than their digital counterparts, etc. etc. etc.

My games are delivered via mail on the same day they release, so the only real "downside" of having a physical copy is actually having to get up and put a disk in the console, which is a nothing factor for me. If having to get up to change a disk is too much for you to handle, you may want to put the controller down have a good long look in the mirror....

Until digital offers the incentive to purchase by having the lower pricing, there is literally no upside to digital for me personally. None.

4Sh0w1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

Digital all the way.

Started with both physical and digital last gen but now that Iam all digital this gen I can't fathom bothering with a physical disc.

Some folks say "well what happens when your internet goess down?"...all I know is I live in southern Cali, most my family lives in Virginia, friends are all over US and I dont know anyone whos internet has been down for more than a day, personally I cant even remember when mine hasnt been working for more than 30min, definitely been years ago.

I just like my library being in one place, play any game no disc, no going to gamestop, predownloads so game is ready at midnight if I want to play, switching from game to game is so convenient, no worries of scratching discs, and no worry of disc drive wearing out prematurely AND most of all GAME SHARING is super easy and has saved me hundreds of $$$ this gen with my 2 nephews having acces to my whole library of games. 😉

The digital sales trend on consoles is rising every year, on PC its already over 92% digital. I dont sell my games to gamestop so the used market never paid off for me but if they make digital cheaper that would just be the icing on the cake.

BeefCurtains1169d ago

I am all about the physical.

Digital is going nowhere unfortunately. It is higher profitability, no more reselling of games at GameStop. And last but not least, consider this: my X1 stopped working last month. Out of frustration I wanted to get it fixed and trade it in to gamestop for a PS4. Why didn't i? Because of all the digital content I was going to lose that I couldn't sell for PS4 games.

No more digital purchases for me.

ShinMaster1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

I only buy cheaper games digitally.

My Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle did not come with a physical copy of the game. It was digital and I was severely disappointed.

All digital would have been great 2 generations ago when games were not 40GB in size.

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Septic1169d ago

All my games except one are digital. I never thought I'd jump on the digital bandwagon so strongly but its happened. With account sharing, it just makes sense.

krouse931169d ago

Same, the only Physical game I have is Destiny because it came with my White PS4...

I just prefer the convenience of the Digital games.

lvl_headed_gmr1169d ago

I am done with physical. This gen is all digital for me.

Physical is a dying format.

Live in the past, get left behind.

paul-p19881169d ago

This gen, on both my Vita and PS4, I've gone all digital except for imports (it's just a pain getting Japanese games on PSN, and the mark up on credit is ABSURD!!)

I remote play quite a lot, and it just wouldn't make sense doing so with an all physical collection. I prefer the convenience as well, no need to clutter my cupboards with games, and if you are clever with how u buy the games they tend to be the same price or slightly more than physical e.g. I've just pre-ordered MGS5 PS4 for £44 by buying cheap PSN credit, less than most retailers, and after using cashback on online shopping I've accrued for quite some time it's not going to cost me a penny :D

sanosukegtr1231168d ago

sometime digital because i carry around my ps3 most of the time but physical is good. But i like digital cuz you can get deals on them in the psn store.

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dodgeuk191169d ago

I was pro physical games but i don't trade in, i felt insulted when offered 1/8 of the price of a game to see them back on the shelf for such a high price i.e. New game £39.99 pre-owned £34.99

Bigpappy1169d ago

I like having the option for those who want physical. But I have moved on. I don't have time or the desire to go to the store and stand in line to find that they are out of stock. I don't want to store disk and swap them in and out either.

I do understand that disk can have better value. I have no resentment for E.A making a nice profit. As long is they aren't misleading their customer, they could make a Zillion. Doesn't affect me in the least.

UltraNova1169d ago

The more money EA and the like make on digital the less inclined they'll feel to drop prices. In other words yes, it does affect you. Unless money is of no concern to you.

lvl_headed_gmr1169d ago

Actually, the more consumers buy digital and less physical the sooner prices will drop.

We are already seeing EAaaccess offer amazing value to their subscribers and its digital.

Sony offers savings with PS+ and MS have their huge sales week that just passed.

Digital prices for launch titles are equal to their retail version because companies want parity with pricing. If there were no physical copies sold at retail, digital would be much cheaper cause companies wouldn't need parity with physical retail versions then.

UltraNova1169d ago

Allow me to disagree.

Digital has been around for ages and we have yet to see any significant price drops while eliminating part of the competition(in this case physical copies that get discounted the more they stay on store shelves) would only mean there's one less reason for publishers to lower digital prices.

medman1169d ago

I guess this guy has never heard of same day delivery of games via the internets.....yikes.

xboxpete1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

personally i have changed quite a bit on this i was always for physical however as i look at my ever growing boxed tower i find it silly to keep building towers of games i will never trade in....

on the other hand there are certain games that will always tempt me to try out and this is where digital fails.

im for digital if its a title ill keep for my collection but there is room for both

XSpike1169d ago

Switched to Digital last gen when the PStore started adding all new releases to the store due to game sharing. Only buy physical on the odd game, but since discs all have to be installed to the HDD makes even less reason to buy physical

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