Tower of Guns Getting Physical Steel Book Release on PS4 and Xbox One

We've seen a few indie games get unexpected physical releases, but this one is possibly one of the most unexpected. Tower of Guns from Terrible Posture Games is set to release on the PS4 and Xbox One in a physical form. - The Games Cabin

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moomoo3191255d ago

For all 3 people who want this. Why re-release a free digital game on disc? Theyll prob loose money.

spacedelete1255d ago

it was the worst "free"game i ever played. one of the worst PS4 games easily.

moomoo3191255d ago

I agree i thought the game was pretty bad, which sucks because i was actually looking forward to it. Would never pay money for this

1255d ago
phoenixwake1254d ago

I had the misfortune of playing this game after I played Ziggurat. Tower had an interesting idea, but Ziggurat one-upped them with combat variety, monster variety, an arguably more interesting setting and less annoying platforming (though that exists in less frustrating form).

I didn't really like Tower of Guns, and from what I heard it wasn't incredible in sales, let alone just being released for free for PS+ users. This is a weird move.