Injustice (What If/Elseworlds): What if Pokemon Challenged Gods Among Us?

WASDuk's Chris Patton addresses the idea in this article of what Pokemon cards would look like and do in the mobile version of Injustice: Gods Among Us:

"Let’s say Celebi or Diolga used their time traveling abilities irresponsibly and accidentally opened a warp into the DC Universe. Mew would undoubtedly appear to both watch over the Pokemon being threatened on Earth as well as to explore what its fellow Legendary Pokemon had wrought.

Mew’s DNA, which holds elements of all Pokemon, would serve as wonderful new hybrid passive. Mew’s combo-enders could inflict any unique effect and tags-in would also randomly let Mew pass all status effects that had been inflcited onto the foe. We’ve all been frozen by the two Killer Frosts in the game, but randomly freezing them back is long overdue!"

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CursedHero1251d ago

Honestly, wouldn't you love to see this? Even as a stand alone Pokemon platform? GENGAR!

Arkworthy1250d ago

Mewtwo vs. Martian Manhunter when?!

CursedHero1250d ago

As soon as Manhunter catches Celebi and Mewtwo reads his mind to learn of his plant's genocide. Death, love, hijynx, and a new species ensue!

Summons751250d ago

Batman defects to Pokemon's team just before Pokemon destroy DC. Happy ending.

loganbdh1250d ago

Supeman flys by looks at everyone and says ok guys have fun playing your games...

KryptoniteTail1250d ago

Mewtwo would own the majority of DC alone.