Five Games You Need the Japanese Version to Fully Enjoy

Michael Crisman writes, "It’s no news to say Japan gets tons of stuff the rest of the world does not, but at least they throw non-Asian gamers a bone every now and then. Usually this is in the form of a simple port, where all the text is translated and (hopefully) localized for the target market. This localization process often leads to things being dropped, changes for censorship purposes, and other minor details. While interesting as trivia, you’re not losing much of anything if there aren’t any crosses in the backgrounds of Castlevania or the Goddess sprite from Final Fantasy VI is a bit less naked. These changes don’t affect your ability to play the game in the slightest. Instead we’re looking at times exported versions left something substantial out of the mix–something integral to how much you can enjoy the final product. These are our favorite examples, but feel free to chime in with your own in the comments!"

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