Analysing Batman: Arkham Knight’s Knightfall Ending

Baden of WGB tackles the Knightfall ending: "The ending to Batman: Arkham Knight is slightly mysterious, to say the very least. No, not that one. The other one. No, the other other one. The one that you can only obtain by completing everything in the game, including finding and solving every single Riddle spread throughout Gotham, a slightly daunting task which is why so many people have opted to instead view the Knightfall Protocol ending on Youtube. Exactly why Rocksteady opted to have three tiers of ending is beyond me, because frankly the first two are a bit pants, and the true one should have been shown to everyone."

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mkis0071225d ago

Pretty good analysis. Still want to know the actual story of what happens next though.

WolfLeBlack1224d ago

A sequel of some sort is inevitable, so we'll find out eventually :P

daBUSHwhaka1225d ago

Totally agree.The endings sucked.And to get the true ending you must 100% the game,yeh right.Ive got better things to do than collect riddler trophies for hours on end.

DIPSET1225d ago

youtube is your friend then

daBUSHwhaka1225d ago

Looking like it.Started new game+ last night and really don't think that once I'm finished with that I will feel like grinding.Not even touched the challenges yet.

The-Marb1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

It was perfect really IMO. Would people still talk about the end of Inception if the film told you exactly what happened? Course not..and that's great.

You see the problem RS had don't you? If they made the end explicit and destroy the mystery/talking points they also potentially comprise the storyline. (sorry if that is vague, am wary of spoilers)

It also treads the fine line between definitively ending the series (as RS wanted) but adding enough mystery so things can carry on, should WB want another game from another studio.

WolfLeBlack1224d ago

If Origins did anything it was show that Warner Bros. want very much to keep producing Batman games, so I imagine we'll be seeing a sequel in which we'll get an answer.

As you say, though, it also gives Rocksteady a pretty solid (geddit? No. Yeesh, tough website) ending.

The-Marb1224d ago

I'd agree w/o will do more games but the I tbh I would rather seethe series finish than keep churning out sequels like Assassins Creed.