Listen to the Glorious GoldenEye 007 Uncompressed Soundtrack

Goldeneye 007 has been out for nearly twenty years now. Widely considered one of the best video games ever made, Goldeneye made a distinct, lasting impression on the console shooter genre. But due to hardware limitations on the Nintendo 64, gamers have never experienced GoldenEye 007 the way that it was meant to be played. An uncompressed version of the soundtrack has been released, highlighting the glorious work of composer Grant Kirkhope.

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iNcRiMiNaTi1047d ago

Man that reminds me. The one from goldeneye source that basstronix made of song when you pause the game was pretty epic

Nick_The_Slick1047d ago (Edited 1047d ago )

Wow, that's fantastic..

2pacalypsenow1047d ago

A YouTube video is far from uncompressed

DLConspiracy1047d ago

Have you heard the music through the game? :)

2pacalypsenow1047d ago

Yes it's legendary 😊😊