Beta Key Sweepstakes for Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft and IGN partner together to bring a Rainbow Six Siege sweepstakes to win a closed Beta invite as well as an Xbox One console.

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NerveGearneeded924d ago

got email already for closed beta access from IGN/ubisoft. too bad you have to wait till September 25th to play.

phoenixwake924d ago

Same here. I was excited until I found out the beta is just a couple weeks out from the actual release. :(

IrishSt0ner924d ago (Edited 924d ago )

Yea I really loved the closed alpha but it felt a LONG way off a final product. I knew the beta was coming around fall, but definitely did not expect a fall release for the game.. I actually thought it was another year out.

Ah well I'll hold off on buying until they fix the inevitable Ubisoft release day bugs.

ziggyziggy31924d ago

But at least it's a sort of early access!