Xbox Honcho Phil Spencer Talks Backwards Compatibility, Scalebound, Tokyo Game Show and Much More

The announcement of Xbox 360 backwards compatibility on Xbox One was one of the biggest hits at E3, and Xbox division head honcho Phil Spencer talked quite a bit about it and much more on one of his usual Twitter sprees.

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christocolus1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Its always good to see Phil give us updates. Can't wait to see Scalebound, Crackdowm and QB. A new Mech Assault would be awesome. Gamescom can't come soon enough. Great job Phil.

KiwiViper851251d ago

I'm assuming Gamescom will be broadcast on Xbox? Can't remember how I watched last year.

donthate1251d ago

Gamescom will be broadcasted on Xbox and at the usual spots. MS is apparently treating this almost like E3.

Cannot wait! :D

Bigpappy1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Phil is the real deal. You have to be to pull off what he is doing, communicating with the public on every topic they can thing of, without even a hint of pissing any of them off. The internet is a nervous and crazy bunch, but for some reason they all respect him. I remain in awe.

Rookie_Monster1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Lord Spencer has spoken! Glad he is the leader of the X. Love the fact he takes time to answer his fans on twitter. I still can't believe he took a twitter post about the possiblity of BC of X360 games on XB1 from a single fan last year and promise that he has read his posts and would do anything in his power to make the dream a reality. Many people was thinking he was just doing his usual PR speech but at this year's E3..the rest is history. Best Gaming CEO currently as he actually understand what we gamers wanted and is one of us. He just have that "it" factor.

sinspirit1251d ago

It has been planned since launch. And, half his job is giving time to fans.

Best CEO? He's simply providing common sense on what should have been done from the start. He doesn't do much himself. He just oversees and responds to online questions.

Shut down the parade. Gaming has been around for decades. Don't forget the past. But, be excited.

Paytaa1251d ago

MechAssault is embedded in my childhood so I hope a reboot and or 3rd installment happens at some point. With Quantum Break, ReCore, Sea of Thieves, Scalebound, and Gears 4, Xbox is going to have a very strong 2016 for sure.

GearSkiN1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Dude I just wish they announced more exclusive next month, mech assault would be great, I really miss JSRF would love to see another one... Seems like it's so hard to find games these days without being too serious.

syotos771251d ago

Coming from someone who's Xbox one is their first xbox console, I'm really excited to get to play a lot of the games I never got to play in the 360 life cycle.

umair_s511251d ago

Same here, I am very looking forward to older titles I missed

tinynuggins1251d ago

I've never played a fable game so I'm looking forward to the trilogy when it's backwards compatible. Same with gears of war.

Farmassy1251d ago

do yourself a favor and try out shadowrun when it becomes available for backwards compatibility. It is a great FPS and I still have not played anything like it to this day.

RobLoPR1251d ago

I love Shadowrun. Ive played it years ago when it first came out on pen and paper... chara ter creation was a blast and the use of scores and dice to acomplish moves was just awesome at the time... that was as close to open world as we got back then. 😂

rainslacker1251d ago

Ultimately, that is why I'm getting one sooner rather than later. Always meant to pick up a 360 to finally get around to all those games I didn't play last gen, but would make more sense to just spend a bit more and have something that will last me longer, and provide more content.

While I'm not ready to run out today to get it(as I can't even use BC yet since I'm not a preview member), and I still want to see what kind of adoption BC gets from publishers, it's pretty much a given that I was going to get an X1 at some point this gen, and they aren't so expensive I need to wait for a price drop.

Grown Folks Talk1251d ago

Sorry syotos77, but according to n4g, you have no real desire to play 360 games. Nobody will use backwards compatibility at all. Especially myself, who has numerous digital titles purchased on said 360.

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GoPanthers9991251d ago

Backwards compatibility on X1 is awesome! Toy Soldiers Cold War is crisper, has better color saturation and controls better on X1. This is the only current title I have, but I cannot wait to see the library expand - Halo Reach, Fable 2, etc.

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