NWR: Wii Music Impressions

The first time NWR picked up Wii Music it was a disorienting experience. Four little boxes started hopping in the lower right corner of the screen showing them the beats of a four count measure, but if they had decided to do nothing, then their on-screen Mii wouldn't do a thing either. Decked out in the appropriate attire and backed by five other musicians, their virtual Mii was in danger of experiencing virtual stage fright.

NWR figured that at E3, a wrong note was better than no note at all, so they raised my Wii Remote to about mouth level and strummed the air madly.

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mistertwoturbo3493d ago

WiiMusic is nothing but a sign that Nintendo ran out of ideas.

Zipperdog3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I don't think they are runing out of ideas. they just keep coming up with bad ones

solidt123493d ago

Wii Music Sucks. It should be free and even then I wouldn't play it. Rock Band 2 FTW.

from the beach3493d ago

Well i'm really looking forward to this one, to hell with the rest of you! The only disappointment is that the drums aren't played as though they were a real kit :(

aiphanes3493d ago

Its all downhill from here...there are no great I gotta have games comming out for the Wii..