Sony: “Censorship is a challenge for PS4 games in China”

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida acknowledged that censorship is a challenge for PS4 in China.

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PhoenixUp1225d ago

These heavy restrictions are what's limiting PS4, X1, and Vita from reaching their full potential in one of the most lucrative markets

Crazyglues1225d ago

Yeah it's pretty crazy, "only 6 PS4 games are officially allowed to be sold in the country." -WTF are you serious...

I mean dam, I have a hard time finding games I like and we had a ton to choose from, if I only had 6, My god, I would be pulling my hair out...

The day I live in a society were the government has that much control is the day society becomes absolutely worthless...

MasterCornholio1225d ago

Well I'm glad that they managed to release the system without a region lock there.

rainslacker1224d ago

China is really only hurting itself here. People are just getting stuff from importing. It's kind of like fireworks in some states. They're illegal for certain kinds, so people just drive across the border to get what they want, thus giving all the tax revenue(usually in the many millions of dollars) to another government. This is why fireworks laws are changing rapidly in many states in fact.

Granted, I don't know how easy it is to drive across the border of China, but there is mail order, and then of course import stores...which likely do have taxes levied from their sales. But relaxing the restrictions would definitely boost the market, and drive revenue into the nations coffers.

amiga-man1225d ago

Censoreship is a challenge for everyone in China not just games.

Sniperwithacause1225d ago

Well Sony know this long ago when they first wanted to get into the region. Most people on this site knew that already. If anyone can overcome the challenge I would put my money on Sony.

rainslacker1224d ago

They overcame the challenge by making it region free. Importing games is nothing new in China. Sony would probably be more worried that their system is cracked and succumbs to piracy in China, because with imports, at least they're still getting their money.

CaptainObvious8781224d ago

I could say a lot of things about the Chinese government.

blackblades1224d ago

From what I here about North Korea, china government better then theres.

wakeNbake1224d ago

Superpower my ass, theylle be a superpower the day they have human rights, and actually produce something decent that isnt designed in US or Japan first.

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