Rumor: Warhammer Online set to release on September 23rd

It's a date, nah, not that awkward first date kind. This is a better date, one where Warhammer Online will reign onto the masses and fill a long-awaited PvP hunger. The preliminary launch date is September 23rd. This release date has been updated on several retail sites, but what lends to its credibility is the official EA site was recently updated with the same date.

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Bolts3553d ago

It seems like it. This game is clearly not ready for primetime going by the freaking huge feature list and classes they just cut to make the ship date. Now it seems the delay didn't help at all. The scary thing is the lack of a firm beta date with August already around the corner. With only roughly a month to beta and fix bugs it looks like WAR will share Conan's fate. Unpolished, devoid of higher tier content, bugs, and horribly screwed up class balance awaits!

EA destroyed another MMO. Well done EA! Their next stop, Bioware KOTOR MMO. Oh noes....

StarsCream3553d ago

Good lord, you and this knob below me are quite the imbecile.

First off, yes EA sucks big, but EA havent had much of a part in this game (so far). Secondly, if you WoW/AoC sycophants want to bash, then try to do so with real information, not just regurgitated crap you hear from blogs.

They did cut stuff, THAT WASNT THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE. The only class they really "cut" was the Choppa. No one even saw a SCREENSHOT of the Black Guard. You kids are F'd up and should keep your mouths shut if you dont have any real information to pass.

Ricdeau3553d ago

You certainly haven't really kept up with the game have you? The game has been in closed beta for over a year now. Closed beta is where they fix most all problems. Open beta (the phase which you are obviously talking about) is usually something they give away with preorders as more of a gimmick to draw you into the game. There's only a few games that had extensive open beta phases. They still take feedback in open betas but most all the polish work at this phase is usually complete. This is especially true in WAR's case since it is just a gimmick beta because it's being run 1 month prior to the release of the game.

Also as for class balance that's something that's been in constant tweaking the entire time, and also why they chose to remove 4 of the classes (i.e. they could not get them balanced to the flow of the game). I'd say that it's much better to elimate them in hopes that they could possibly release them in the futre rather than releasing the game with classes that are completely broken whether it be overpowered or underpowered.

I cannot commend on the high end content, but I'm fairly confident that Mythic will have this ready by the time most people are reaching that stage. Many, many MMO's are lacking in this department when the game is released. This includes WoW, anyone that has played since the game launched remembers the lack of end game content right away, but it was there in time for bulk of the people reaching that point.

Also to #2 Blizzard is not the be all end all to the MMO solution. Blizzard did the right thing by taking what other games did right and fuse as much of it together as possible. It's only a matter of time before another game does the same. Saying something is "better" is subjective to the person playing. There will be many other games that do what Blizzard has done in taking the good ideas of various games and putting them together. However, I don't think you're going to see too many games try to reach the broad market Blizzard has gone for. I see more development teams trying to target specific audiences which I would say is a better route considering how hurt people get when something is changed for the sake of another aspect of the game (like nerfing something in PvP for PvE sake or vice versa). Pleasing the casual, PvP, and the raiding (PvE) crowds is a very hard thing to do and usually you have at least one of the crowds that is not entirely pleased with the game. In WoW's case many people that are heavily PvP oriented, such as myself, are looking for something with more to offer in that department.

Bolts3553d ago

Open beta is the period in which this game will be judged by the public. Conan also had a long closed beta period and look how that turned out. Going by Mythic last game, the RvR aspect is going to need extensive testing that only a open beta can provide.

Mr4023553d ago

Your not going to find a better MMO then WoW until Blizz releases another one. That being said I gave up on this one when it seemed they weren't commited to keeping with teh adult themed world that warhammer is based in. The news about feature removal just shows that they are not being given the time to make this game complete before shipping it. I will pass.

Mr4023553d ago

Starscream you having a bad day? First off I don't even play WoW anymore also I haven't even tried AoC. I quit because I got bored and didn't have time to commit to that type of game. I was going to look into warhmamer because I loved dark age of camelot. Fact is they are removing some features they confirmed that. So getting your panties in a bunch about negative posts isn't going to change anything. Don't worry bud. I'm not trying to stop you from purchasing the game and being disappointed. In fact I want you to buy it so I can see another sad post about how you were fooled.

JeepGamer3553d ago

Warhammer Online supporters proclaim that things weren't "cut" because they were never actually in the game.

That's not how it works.

You cannot make promises for months about a game containing certain features then turn around and proclaim those features weren't "Cut" simply because they never made it in. That's the very definition of being "cut".

The game that is coming out on Sept 23rd should be called Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Part One of Two.

StarsCream3553d ago


You know what, I am really praying that all these fools with misguided information, and skewed logic (like350z here), TRULY believe they are getting an inferior product. That way I dont have to hear them whine in-game about, well anything really.

If you people honestly believe that your missing out by not getting classes youve never played (let alone SEEN), and cities that will come in later....then PUH-lease dont come to WAR. Dont even follow it anymore, forget it exists. The less WoW brainwashed denizens in game, the better.

The part that scares me: is the amount of people that will actually believe these fools mouth-garbage, because they dont know about the game, and will dismiss it.

Enigma_20993553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

Common sense tells you that you don't hype up a game in a VIDEO BLOG showing off features that you're so proud of, then yanking them out before the final release... I mean, honestly, if the features aren't going to be included... don't show them to us... in your VIDEO BLOGS... the same VIDEO BLOGS that you use to hype us up about the game... get the idea that we really DID see them?

kill a bear, kill a bear, kill a bear... kill another bear....

JeepGamer3552d ago

If I tell you something is going to be in a game but then I tell you that I later decided not to put it in, that is a cut and by no means is is it "skewed logic" to think so. In order to qualify as being "cut" in your book, apparently something needs to be put IN the game and then removed... That's not how it works and if you were not so hung up on this game you'd realize that.

There is nothing illogical about what I've said nor does it contain any misinformation. It's an absolute fact that the game was knocked down to two cities from the originally talked about six and classes that were talked about and shown around for literally months and months were tossed aside.

And what is it with the Warhammer fanatics and throwing around WoW as an insult? Sure, I used to play WoW and I quit nearly a year ago. Even if I did still play, what has WoW got to do with anything? Because you play another MMO you can't be critical of Warhammer?

Aside from all of that, this is Mythic. Look at their history.