Phantasy Star Online 2 Anime Adaptation Announced

Phantasy Star Online 2 is getting an anime series, Sega have announced. The anime adaptation will air in 2016, and you can find the official website here.

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nicksetzer11224d ago

Still no US release though. Ugh, sega, you suck.

Drithe1223d ago

I will not support this crap in any ways. It broke me old heart when Sega decided to not bring PSO 2 to the US. I love the Phantasy Star Online games. Sigh. Sega indeed.

ZaWarudo1223d ago

I think PSO2 would do great in the west if they bring it to PS4.

Sega pls.

DiscoKid1223d ago

It's sad, but Sega doesn't seem to think so. I played on the JP servers for quite sometime; it's a fun game.

Zero1091223d ago

Sega: we'll make an anime before we bring PSO2 to the West.... Even though it's already translated in English. -_-