IGN SDCC 08: Gears of War 2 Panel Report

IGN: "Amid a packed house in meeting room number 2 at the San Diego Convention Center sat Josh Ortega (head story writer for Gears 2 and the comic series), Cliff Bleszinski (Design Director at Epic Games) and Karen Travis, the newly announced author of the Gears of War novel. Needless to say those in attendance were more than a little excited.

Things kicked off with the same Rendezvous trailer that was shown at E3 and Cliff followed that up by playing the Sinkhole level that was also demoed during Microsoft's press briefing. The crowd cheered as he showed off the new executions and the meat shield ability and freaked out at the end when Marcus Fenix mentions to Dom that they can ride Brumaks (as well as the Reavers).

So while our short gameplay demo was something that I had seen before, the energy from the crowd -- something that was lacking at this year's E3 -- was cool to see.

Here's a quick breakdown of the other revelations given by the panel..."

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that replica lancer. I don't care that it can't shoot, just let me use that chainsaw.