Sony's Potential Unannounced Exclusives

3rd party exclusive is hard to come by, 1st party exclusive is now the pillar of power.

Sony announced a lot of stuff in their long E3 conference such as Zipper's MAG and Bend's Resistance Retribution but is there more they are not showing us? Sony has acquired a lot of studio over the past ten years and not all of them have produce games since acquisition, what is going on? Are they hiding something from the gamers? Will we see more in TGS?

Broken down by studios

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Bombibomb3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

Most of the upcoming PS3 exclusives are actually being published by Sony. Microsoft won't have anything left to steal soon lol.

Just to name a few:

1) White Knight Chronicles
2) Heavy Rain
3) InFamous
4) Killzone 2
5) Resistance 2
6) Motorstorm: Pacific Rift
7) Gran Turismo 5
8) M.A.G.
9) Code name "HARDWARE 2"
10) LittleBigPlanet
11) SOCOM: Confrontation
12) Two new projects from Team ICO
13) New Twisted Metal from Eat Sleep Play
14) The Agency
15) Uncharted 2
16) God of War 3
17) DC Universe
18) WipEout HD
19) Freerealms MMO

DrWan3710d ago

well Sony has biggest 1st party dev

jwatt3710d ago

I think alot of the devs from the SCE London Studio has been helping out on Home along side another game that we don't know of.

Bombibomb3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

And Wardevil is a 3rd party exclusive coming in 2009. The 360 version was canceled. It never even went into development.

jkhan3710d ago

That is one of the reason they don't care about third party exclusive. They know for the cost to acquire a third party exclusive, its better the invest that amount in first part developers. Which is where Sony's real strength is, which is why Sony will not be a big loser. We know that they are cooking up something big. TeamICO is the one I am most excited about. Let see what Sony announces at Leipzig.

Hydrolex3710d ago

those games are stopped, not cancelled

StephanieBBB3710d ago

where the hell did Mafia 2 go???? =S

TheMART3710d ago

There isn't so much to steal by MS from Sony on the 3rd party, because most that could be stolen is already on the 360.

One of the two most important PS games lately, FFXIII, the other one from Konami could still make the crossover.

So yes, I agree, the 1st party stuff from Sony becomes more and more important. Little Big Planet is the one most appealing to a wide audience.

Big question is though how long many of those 1st party IPs will be delayed, like God of War III and GT5, if you ask me two big ones.

ZeroBlitz3710d ago

Nope, sadly there was an article a while back that said Sony had canned them to put the money towards some other game/s. It's too bad since I was rather interested in Eight Days but if the money is better spent improving another great game or two, it's not a big deal.

It's good to be reminded that Sony have got a major advantage over Microsoft after FFXIII went multiplat - I've seen so many people say they're not getting a PS3 now, it's disappointing. With so many more exclusives and multiplat PS3 games reaching the sort of quality they are on the 360, it looks like the PS3 has a fair chance of winning the console war. Especially if trophies become standard for every new game soon.

Infernus3710d ago

This could very well be it. Hardware: Online Arena was released once the PS2 got online capabilities. The PSTwo (Slim version) gained the internal network adapter and Online Arena was the first game to hit (a 1st party title literally given to players on their introduction network disc).

While I have no proof (Neither does anyone else here), out of those games Hardware 2 would appear to be the most likely. It's unknown to the majority and has had no mention at all anywhere. Heavy Rain is mentioned constantly in topics like this, so it won't be that, and it has already been confirmed that Heavy Rain is not the game they're talking about.

So Hardware2 (H2:OA?) is my choice for 1st party. However I still feel Free Radical will bring TimeSplitters 4 to the PS3 exclusively (Timed), which could come as a side announcement to this 'big-hitter' we're hearing such great things about.

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Nitrowolf23710d ago

i bet they will have a surprise for soon.
New jak game?
FF7 remake?
it can be anything

Sonics0203710d ago

In this age game consoles will have to rely on first and second party titles and Sony has an excellent first party so you can expect to see some great games coming from Sony.

SRuN43710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

Couple things that make me just wanna slap whoever wrote this. Insomniac is opening a studio in North Carolina, not Georgia. And didn't Jaffe already confirm they were working on a new Twisted Metal until Sony told him to keep quiet? Other than those two things it's a good look at their dev studios.

Splenda143710d ago

Sony London is working on home

PwnShop3710d ago

yeah, i think they're the same team that were working on getaway and eight days until Sony canceled there projects to focus on finishing home

thePatriot3710d ago

incognito with hardware 2 (working title)

Sheddi3710d ago

They didnt cancel them, they stopped them to work on them later.

deeznuts3709d ago

sheddi, don't know where you heard that, but SOny said these were not to be resurrected.
Look at the bottom.

Shame, I liked the trailer and looked forward to it.

Sheddi3709d ago

ahh that sucks
thanks for the info man, now i know how it is.
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