Voodoo Extreme 2008 E3 Awards

VE3D: "Hello and welcome to Voodoo Extreme's Best of E3 2008 awards. While the show isn't as big as it used to be, there was still plenty to see, and even judge for a little feature like this. I hope you enjoy reading these awards as much as I enjoyed going to parties and drinking all week long. Long live E3!

Find out who the other lucky wieners were here."

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grantps33644d ago

i would disagree with almost all of them

avacadosnorkel3644d ago

I won't even check what they are.

Galvanise3644d ago

90% of them, but each to their own. This is the first time I've even heard of Voodoo Extreme, maybe this is why.

MK_Red3644d ago

Well, VE3D is part of IGN network so they are not that off, still I agree that there are some seriously questionable choices there (Not Fallout 3 though, I'm definitly happy about this one).

Also, cool Galvatron avy.

MK_Red3644d ago

Nice, another Game of The Show win for Fallout 3.