Halo 5 Guardians Solution for Physical Copy Of Collector’s Edition in Works ad more

It appears that 343 Industries is working overtime in order to win back fans of the Halo series that might be thinking about leaving Halo 5: Guardians in the discard pile thanks to the removal of split screen in multiplayer modes. Another move that might further push those fans away from the series is a current lack of physical copies of the Limited Collector’s Edition of the game. One particular fan took to Twitter to ask Josh Holmes directly if there were any plans to launch a physical copy alongside the digital download.

While Holmes didn’t give an outright “yes” answer, he made it clear that company understood there were those with that desire. He replied that, “We understand that some may prefer a physical disc w/ the LCE and are actively working on a solution for those that do.”

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christocolus1223d ago

Glad they are looking into this after paying so much for the collectors edition gamers shouldn't have to spend extra time waiting to download and play the game.

4Sh0w1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

I think its a reasonable request when paying that much for a collectors edition.

OpieWinston1223d ago

The LCE is a lock for me, I just want a nice physical copy of Halo 5 to add to my others. Was even considering taking the download code and selling it to my bud for $50 and then getting a physical version same night as launch.

Especially since the Microsoft Midnight launch parties are the best shit.

Multiplatguy1223d ago

It ships a week early so you can predownload the game. But still, this should have been a choice.

DanielEndurance1223d ago

SOLUTION: Replace digital copies with physical copies. #ImAGenius

GreetingsfromCanada1223d ago

Dude stop, that makes too much sense

spicelicka1223d ago

Quickly write that to them before it's too late!!

Black0ut1223d ago

Wow! Hire this guy! #mindblown

coolbeans1223d ago

Get this fella a medal.

Rookie_Monster1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Well, let's not forget the $250 LE is actually shipping on the 20th instead of the 27th. That is why it doesn't have the physical copy as that would break the street dates. The digital copy is there for installing and will then get activated on the 27th. If some fans don't want to be able to have it a week earlier and rather have it at launch with a physical disc copy, I am sure MS can find a happy medium for those that want a physical copy by releasing 2 on the 20th with a digital copy and one on the actual release date with a physical copy for those that want that option.

See, not as tough as it seems and I think that is what MS and 343i will do, tbh.

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GearSkiN1223d ago

Lol no disc but you get a case, what's the point.

cubcake1223d ago

The case is a collectable...

-Foxtrot1222d ago

It's insulting. They think we're idiots so much that they think we'll buy the Collectors edition and then buy the standard game for the disc

GearSkiN1222d ago

i find it kinda dumb myself and im a huge Halo fan, whoever thought of that is a joke,

cubcake1223d ago

I can understand some aren't ready to leave physical media behind, but I was actually happy it came with the digital download instead.

Paytaa1223d ago

I wasn't aware it didn't come with a disc. Hopefully that changes because I'll be buying the LCE and a standard copy if that's the case.

-Foxtrot1222d ago

"Hopefully that changes because I'll be buying the LCE and a standard copy if that's the case"

Urm Why?

That's exactly what they want you to do. You're playing right into their hand.

As a fan of Halo don't you feel you should be getting a little more respect then feeling forced to buy two editions giving them more money when they should have just included the disc in the big edition from the start

Paytaa1222d ago

I get what you're saying but Halo to me is more than a game and it's been that way since Combat Evolved. I could go on and on about what Halo as a game and the community means to me but I'd be here all day. No matter what, I'll always support Halo 110% and if that means buying two copies then so be it. It would be better yes if they end up including a disc with the LCE obviously. Even right now I own multiple copies of each Halo game as bad as that sounds but I love me some Halo.

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