Rhythm and the Revolution

Article written by Pocket Frenzy:

"It seems like, for a long time in my world, there was no such thing as Rhythm-Action games, unless you count Twister. Which you shouldn't. Of course, outside my world, there had been and they'd been there for a while. Rumours circulated in awed tones and with respectful nods regarding Dance Dance Revolution and other dancemat games. They were played in malls, we imagined, by Japanese teenagers, presumably whilst talking on their Wasp T12 Speechtools; flailing delicate, Pokémon trinket covered wrists around to balance their whirling feet.

When Donkey Konga arrived in one of the more daring gamer's houses it was like putting a particularly rare species of butterfly down in front of a botanist. Interesting, but irrelevant. Until we played it. Now, for a revolution, it was not that potent. We didn't charge out into the streets burning our pads and dancing across the tarmac to an imaginary La Bamba done with sea creature noises. But it was fun. It was different, it changed things."

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Born2BK1NG3677d ago

i have that game!, got the game and 2 bongos for $10, it suked after 3days.