Criminal Girls 2 leaked by Amazon Japan

Amazon Japan has leaked a sequel to Nippon Ichi Software’s Criminal Girls: Invite Only via a banner on their PS Vita pages. Criminal Girls 2 is coming to PS Vita in Japan on November 26.

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dead_pixels1171d ago

Rad. Despite the over-the-top fanservice of the original's leveling minigames, Criminal Girls: Invite Only was really solid, with a super addicting and unique combat system. Here's hoping the sequel is even better.

nidhogg1171d ago

I just hope they lessen the censorship on this one hrrrmmm.

Kalebninja1171d ago

Why has japan been spouting out a bunch of shitty perverted games. The fact theirs a market for that genre is sad.

dark-kyon1171d ago

You played these games to know what are perverted and shitty?.is so easy pick one screenshoot of theses games and make believe what they are the worst thing ever skipping his story,characters developent,etc.even some real hentai games in japan have a story and characters what left in ridiculous the average AAA western game,but that not matter,if the game show skin or have girls what look underage is garbage what don't have to exist.

Kalebninja1170d ago

I read the synopsis and looked at gameplay. this type of game will never be popular outside of japan. the whole crawl dungeons and beat women to unlock a lewd photo of them thing... really? and while I cant understand most of what you wrote I think you dissed AAA games but look at their sales mate you're in an incredible minority.

rainslacker1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

The game play itself is really quite good. Lots of fun really. The fan service is off the charts, but that is just presentation. It's not a shitty game by any means, and if you consider it obscene, then I have to wonder what goes through your mind when you see cartoons in sexually suggestive scenes.

The market is anime fans who like games. This kind of stuff doesn't shock most of us, because within anime, there is much more shocking stuff, and fan service is really fairly normal in even the most routine of shows/games.

The people that get all up in arms about it, assume that it's more than it really is, and that's why you think that there is no market, because you have no idea what it actually is. It may not have AAA game sales status, but the market for it is big enough to support their continued release.

Kalebninja1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

"The market is anime fans who like games"

Not that I've binge watched shows like hunter and fate/zero and have a CR account or anything... I'm an anime fan and that's why I know that this wont ever be popular in the west the same way anime wont be mainstream in the west if it continues the way it is now. you cant just say "oh you don't understand" when its in my face that its a harem game where you whip, spank, and taze women to progress through the game.

"and if you consider it obscene, then I have to wonder what goes through your mind when you see cartoons in sexually suggestive scenes. "

You make it seem like something's wrong with me for finding it obscene, like I said to dark, on a grand scale you're opinion is in the minority.

it's not popular for very good reasons.

rainslacker1170d ago

You stated that it's sad there's a market for this kind of game. Why is that? because it's brand of fan service doesn't agree with your tastes? That's really all I can take away from your comment. Do you really feel it's your place to judge others on what they should like and don't like?

The market for this kind of stuff is a minority, no one is claiming it's ever going to appeal to a AAA customer base, but that doesn't mean that the people who like it, or the games themselves are bad. You have stated you've only read synopsis's and game play videos, yet you assume to know what the game is like, and dismiss it like your opinion is the only one that matters.

If you want popular, go play Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, or whatever. I like niche anime games, and the fan service doesn't turn me away, nor do I get offended by it anymore than I get offended by when western games show off sexually suggestive more realistic women. I also don't go on to judge those who would buy or play those games.

You make it very clear in your first post that you look down on those who would enjoy games like this, and then use the popularity argument to back up how you are in the right. All I see from you is an elitist attitude that makes it seem you believe your opinion is the only one that matters.

In your response, you can give me those "very good reasons" why it's not popular. I can assure you that my reasons why it will never be popular would be much different. In any case, who cares if it's popular? let people enjoy the games they want to enjoy. If the series does well enough to get made, then obviously there is a large enough fan base to support them. It's not really your place to judge that fan base. If the audience isn't there, then economics dictates that things will take care of themselves, and you won't have to worry about it.

Spotie1170d ago

How about not pushing your "morals" on others?

Scatpants1171d ago

I wish they would release a patch to get rid of the idiotic censorship on the first game. I won't buy the second one unless it is uncensored. I see worse stuff than anything in the first game on basic cable, there is absolutely no reason to censor it.

arbitor3651171d ago

I would have bought the first one if they hadnt pussed out and censored the damn thing

dark-kyon1171d ago

Sorry Nisa,skipping again this if you again cut audio from the game.

arbitor3651171d ago

that was the biggest insult of all. That is what made me not buy the game.

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