Square Enix Hopes Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Boost PS4 Sales

As it stands, Sony’s PlayStation 4 was the best-selling console for the month of May, and depending on which market you are looking at, has managed to dominate the charts in the previous months as well. However it seems that Square Enix wants to give Sony a helping hand with the remake of Final Fantasy VII.

During the week, Square Enix announced that they would be remaking Final Fantasy VII and apart from pleasing fans of the franchise and making new fans, Square Enix has other reasons for it as well. Speaking to Engadget, Final Fantasy VII remake director Tetsuya Nomura revealed that they are hoping that this will help increase the number of PS4s sold by Sony.

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Sureshot986d ago

Pretty sure Sony doesn't need help selling PS4s...

ZaWarudo986d ago

In Japan they do. PS4 is moving slowly down there, the console scene in Japan isn't so hot.

But holy hell FFVII remake will sell PS4 like hotcakes in Japan, especially if they do a bundle.

NeverHeavyMan986d ago

Your second sentence answers the issue for itself. It's not the PS4 that's moving so slow, as it is Japan's declining interest in the console segment. That considered, the PS4 is doing fine there.

FFVII Remake will be plenty to boost sales, however, and with this, Square is, basically, confirming that the PS4 will be the only console to play this on (as I always suspected, PS4 release first, PC down the line).

justlikeme986d ago

It's a given that there will be a FF7 bundle with a PS4 and I will buy it!

Fkhalf16986d ago

In Japan, there are also two other franchise that could potential ignite console sales. Dragon Quest XI (rumored to be developed for console) and Persona 5 as these two titles will likely release before FFVII does.

DevilOgreFish986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

"Square Enix Hopes Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Boost PS4 Sales"

They pulled the same stunt with the FFVII tech demo and XIII-VS. When and where the game will be is the question.

DevilOgreFish986d ago

At my statement above, "when and where", we already know that it's coming to ps4 first, I'm just saying it could be a placeholder for ps5. (From their track records with ffxiii-vs and kh3.)

joab777986d ago

Persona 5 and SFV will help a ton. FF7 would help but they will probably be at the 50 million + mark when it releases.

xHeavYx986d ago

Gimme a FF7 themed PS4 and a CE and I'll help with the sales boost.

indyman77986d ago

So the question comes up. If Square thinks that the game will sale PS4's then WHAT was there excuse for NOT making it sooner? It sure wasn't because people where not begging for it. Was the last CEO that closed minded on forcing people to want Action rpg's? And Action adventure games? No wonder all the smaller jrpg development houses eat there jrpg lunch money.

nitus10985d ago (Edited 985d ago )

Hand-helds and smart phones are great when you are on the move, however when you are home many gamer's prefer consoles or PC's since you can display on a much larger screen, be it HDTV or monitor.


Why get a themed PS4? All you need is either a themed sticker or a themed skin which if you already have a plain PS4 is fairly cheap, easy put on and if you like easy to remove if/when your mood changes.

Do a quick search for PS4 themed stickers and/or skins.

nX985d ago

Of course it's about Japan here, the western markets are doing fine. Consoles are only selling slowly in Asia and FF7 is pretty much the best game to change that. I just hope it doesn't take too long until it's finished.

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MasterCornholio986d ago

It doesn't hurt if it sells more though.

Maybe that's what developers need to revitalize the Japanese console msrket.

Haru986d ago

Actually they do

PS4 needs to outsell PS2 and become the best selling home console in history

Genuine-User986d ago

That's not going to happen. PS2 will remain the undefeated King.

PhoenixUp986d ago

PS4 won't even outsell PS3 in Japan

indyman77986d ago

PS4 has been on pace to outsell PS2 since the first MONTH and has never looked back.

Dark_matter986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

@ Sureshot:

Exactly what I was gonna say.

blackblades986d ago

It's nice to see them care about there market.

nX985d ago

It's for mutual benefits of course, they are helping to grow their audience as well. This game will make a lot of money for Square.

Hoffmann986d ago

Pretty sure all console game developers hope the PS4 would sell better in Japan.

Muzikguy986d ago

I'm confused by Nomura saying this. In essence by saying he wants it to boost sales you'd think he's talking short term. The game won't be out until who knows when. How does he know sales won't have already taken off? Is he saying we should wait years to buy a PS4? Obviously no, but just see what I'm saying? :)

I guess in there be talks about opening people up before the release of the game. I just hope they don't screw it up somehow, or cancel

miyamoto986d ago

"Pretty sure Sony doesn't need help selling PS4s..."

That is a big lie!

I disagree.

Like what Mark Cerny said, the PS4 was made considering many third party developers desires, input, suggestions, advice, consultation, and proposals during its conception. The PS4 was designed to be the Ultimate Third Party developer's Machine. The PS4 was meant and designed to run their dream games.
These third party devs help make the PS4 and they are expecting it to run their games like they envisioned it to.

And Square Enix is one of those developers.

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showtimefolks986d ago

Oh it will no doubt about it

2016 the last gurdain
2017 hopefully shenmue 3 and ff7

jmac53986d ago

Considering it's Square, we will probably see FF7 in 2018.

miyamoto986d ago

Not with the huge amount of money SE got from MS out of the Rise of the Tomb Raider timed exclusivity. I believe around $150 million ball park.
This is why SE is announcing PS4 exclusives in Japan left and right on a weekly basis.
That is money put to good use.

Haru986d ago

@miyamoto thanks microsoft for helping square relase more PS4 exclusives!

showtimefolks986d ago


I believe you could be right too, but this is the new square Enix. They are all about games.

A remake shouldn't take them 3 plus years to be honest.

Ff15 2016 for sure and I also believe we will get kingdom Hearts either in fall or very early like February or March 2017

Ff7 In 2017 is looking more and more likely. Don't forget that other final fantasy game sony announced at e3 coming to ps4 and Xbox one.

This is how I see it

Just cause 3 and Hitman 2015
dues ex early 2016
final fantasy for ps4 and vita in mid 2016
ff 15 in fall 2016
kingdom Hearts 3 early 2017
ff7 remake fall 2017

But these are just my guesses


If that figure is even correct within a ball park of that number than just wow.

But I guess 3rd party exclusive are not easy to get or cheap

DragonKnight986d ago

@Showtimefolks: The only FF game confirmed to be coming to Xbox right now is FFXV. World of Final Fantasy is PS4 only.

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formanbradley986d ago

FFVII and Shenmue 3 are AT LEAST 2020, do you realize how many projects Square still has to release... and they are years off despite what you may think.

deadpoolio316986d ago

2020 LMAO that is literally the WORST guess, that would be in PS5/X2 territory considering PS4/X1 released in 2013....Both of those games are 2017 max

rainslacker986d ago

Two games on the PS3 that were in development hell for 6-7 years and suddenly every game is 6-7 years away. Baffling logic there. Why not focus on the hundreds of other games that get released within two or so years from their announcement, since that is generally about how long most of them go. Square releases about as many games a year as EA or Ubisoft without incident...just food for thought.

miyamoto986d ago

Dude MS is a huge money giant
Timed DLCs for GTA IV and COD games already costed $50M each.
FF13 going to 360 from PS3 exclusivity was $100 M.
ROTTR is 1 year timed exclusivity.... go figure.

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kevnb986d ago

Well if the foolish kids here get their wish for action based combat... they may have a serious issue.

kalkano986d ago

Definitely. A turn-based FF7 will revitalize PS4 in Japan. An action bastardization of FF7 will result in PS4 boycotts in Japan.

Adrian_v01986d ago

And you know what people in Japan want because...?

ARPGs have been and will stay well received in Japan.

kevnb986d ago

nothing wrong with ARPGs, but don't f with final fantasy 7.

Spotie986d ago

Unless that's exactly what the Japanese fans want.

What would you poor souls do, then?

"Nope. Don't care if it's even better than the original. Don't care if all the pieces fit perfectly. Don't care if it's the single best JRPG to ever come out, EVER. No turn-based, no buy."

kalkano986d ago (Edited 986d ago )


ARPGs, yes. Turn-based RPGs, bastardized into ARPGs, no. Japan is very traditional. They, even more than us, expect a remake to remain in the same genre.

Edit: After re-reading my above post, it's not PS4 that they'll boycott; it's the FF7 remake they'll boycott. But, obviously, that won't do any favors for PS4 sales in Japan.

rainslacker986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

I'm not sure if the Japanese market in general has a problem with either ARPG or TBRPG games. They both seem to do pretty well.

I also haven't heard a single report on how Japanese fans think the game should play, so for all we know, maybe it's only the western audience making a fuss.

Can you provide any links that says that the Japanese people are clamoring for one or the other? Even here in the western side of things, it seems to be pretty mixed.

Assuming what you do because they're traditional seems a bit of a stretch. I wouldn't consider AC traditional to FF7, yet it was quite well received in Japan.

nitus10985d ago

If you look at FF4, FF5 and FF6 all had turn-base and active turn-base and switching between the two was fairly quick. FF7 was turn-based only.

One really good feature of active turn-base is the ability to basically "coast" through lots and lots of random enemy encounters rather than micro manage all the action which IMHO can get rather tedious.

As for action RPG's, many JRPG's are action or active turn-based so I am quite sure the Japanese gamer has no problem with them. From my personal perspective most the the really difficult RPG I have played are actually JRPG's and most were action or active turn based. Basically there was no saving anywhere you want and that made the games so much more tougher.

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Snookies12985d ago

As someone who's played through FF VII at least 6-7 times... I would very much prefer turn based combat on this one. However, I wouldn't mind them going more the Crisis Core route for gameplay. Something that allows commands, but also involves movement. In a perfect world, it would have the ATB the original had, but a change up in combat style won't ruin it for me. The characters, world and the story are what matter most. So long as those remain intact. It'll all be good.

PhoenixUp986d ago

Makes sense that they'd want the PS4 install base in Japan to dramatically increase for the good of the Japanese gaming industry.