GameStop's Official Wii, XBox360, and PS3 Game Releases was able to get GameStop's latest game release list for the PS3, Wii and X360. They uploaded a PDF file for your viewing pleasure.

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Bombibomb3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

God of War 3 3/2/09? I don't think so. End of 09 maybe.

Nitrowolf23648d ago

there been allot of people saying that its possible since all GOW games came out in march i think

thePatriot3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

well... they probably dont want to put in together with kilzone2 in february and I dont think they will release it in january and do they really want to but it together with Resident Evil 5 in march? April is when I see it come out.
funny Facebreaker K.O. has a word party in the title. When is a boxing ( people especialy) a party? When attaching a word party to a wii game helps sell extra 10 mill copies. he he
just becauze all the other GoW games came out in march means nothing. game will come out when it ready and march is for me just wishfull thinking.

geda3648d ago

you never know, maybe they'll just blow the top off of gow3 at leipzig or something. but it'll probably get a delay i guess

Panthers3648d ago

Well not a delay. We dont have a release date. It could have been in development for a while now though.

MAG is playable yet they only showed a CG trailer at E3. Could be the same for GOW3

SUP3R3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

Infamous comes out in April. So GOW3 won't be debuting that month.
The March date seems plausible.

Killzone 2 - Feb
God Of War 3 - March
inFAMOUS - April

Good times if true.

thePatriot3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

K2 feb
GoW 3 March
RE5 March
inFamous April
and what about white knight? March? April?
and if heavy rain is in playable form and also uncharted 2 (leipzig, I have a feeling) that can mean theyre about 6 months away from store shelves. where they gonna put all that. also MAG in mid 09 is also in there (november is reseved for rachet future ToD2. And Im just scratching the surface here. If they anounce next team ICO game at TGS it means it will come out in O9 as well. Hardware2, FF13 (seriously 09 will rock)
they will seperate shooters from shooters by a few months so I guess 2-3 AAA games in the same month is of for different genre but still..

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Nitrowolf23648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

kind of off topic:
i was on Gamestop looking at upcoming titles and notice this
idk but is the KZ2 picture suppose to be that big on the screen? is it just my screen that doing it or what cause it shows the cover of KZ2 and it popping up on the screen larger then the other pics of titles. i know its not because the boxart is subjected to change thing cause its on other titles.
Oh and i also notice on the next page SAW game

zo6_lover273648d ago

No, you are not the only person, It didn't do it for any other game though, they must no that KZ2 will be great.

mrjuandrful3648d ago

Previous God of Wars have been released in March, expect GOW3 to do the same!

IzKyD13313648d ago

dont you think sony would have atleast said "Spring 2009" during the press conference?

Overr8ed3648d ago

Take these "official" game releases with a grain of salt. Its Gamestop's estimations on when a game is going to be released... Listen to my warning or you ate going to be disappointed.

unrealgamer583648d ago

int he end there will only be chaos in march

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