How the 3DS Succeeded Where the Vita Failed

"Essentially, the 3Ds was deemed a failure and the Playstation Vita was next in line to rescue dedicated gaming portables. What a difference four years can make."

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nidhogg1251d ago

*yaaaawwwnnn* I'm really tired of these articles now. If you wanna play the Vita then go play with your Vita, if you have a 3DS then go play with that. Nobody has to compare these gaming systems because all that matters now is if we will still get dedicated handheld platforms in the future what with all the Rise of the Mobiles debacle. Ultimately, to each his own. The Vita is still too useful to me and I love it. Those long commutes and travels this summer was not so boring in-between all because of Sony's little handheld that "could have been".

Rydro1249d ago

Ok but that won't change the fact that the Vita is dead and the only games it's getting are just the same over and over again.

nidhogg1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Oh no the system is not dead. If it was then there would be no games releasing for it every week which is not the case.

And pardon? "Just the same all over again"? It may not have first party support nowadays but it does have various third parties, indies, and jrpgs going for it. So yes it has variety and it is not always the same. Although may be you are referring to the 3DS? What with all the rehashes of mario, dk, zelda, fire emblem etc. Sure they are good games but it DOES contradict your statement against Vita as doesn't it? Oh and where is Bloodstained releasing again? Oh no i didn't see a 3DS on the list! Gosh!

Rydro1248d ago

Lol I don't like 3DS I don't even have it, why everytime a vita fan says the same and think I'm a fanboy. Explain why it didn't sell well? Because lack of variation will attract few fans, and mostly jrpg fans but others are left with no games, I'm keeping it because I haven't even beat every game I have like GR and Muramasa Rebirth, Mighty no 9 is coming and Ys 8 too, remote play feature, can play in the go instead of stupid ios kids games and the PS+ free games