Super Mario Goes Open World In New Unreal Engine 4 Demo

TheArabGamer writes: "Super Mario continues to traverse the Unreal world with the latest tech demo taking place in an open field. This beautiful open field is actually based on the Unreal Kite Demo which can be downloaded for free with the Unreal Engine 4 dev kit."

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marloc_x1252d ago

This REALLY makes me appreciate Nintendo's art direction honestly.

Ground-pound a few deer though?

Irishguy951251d ago

Yeah it looks like **** xD

Well not ****, but...not for mario.

Also for 1: Mario 3d games are about level design. Open world doesn't fit that at all. Unless it was similar to zelda. But open world naturally goes against level design due to quantity of content.

Sevir1251d ago

Mmmm. I'd disagree. Since N64 Mario games have gone open world... That sense of discovery is vast. With multiple objectives... They may very well be worlds isolated and not necessarily connected to each other in the traditional sense of like say Infamous or GTA. But every world you visit is open world by design... Mario Sunshine I say would be the best representation of an Open World Mario where the entire world is designed like say a gta style world where everything is not seperated or compartmentalized by a loading screen.

pivotplease1251d ago

Yeah I hope they go back to open worldish games soon. All of the new stuff has been good but I'm not a fan of the linearity we've been seeing lately.

Irishguy951251d ago

Sevir, open levels aren't open worlds

moparful991251d ago

I would love to see Mario 64 redone in this engine. Thinking about all the classic levels done in this engine would be enoughto get me to buy the next Nintendo system..

Pitch_Blanck1251d ago

Did Nintendo go to court for that? They can get money out of this with a good lawyer!

wannabe gamer1251d ago

of course it looks bad, its a cartoon person in a real world setting.

TheDivine1251d ago

I think an open world Mario game would be the dopest game ever. A massive world where areas could be discovered through exploration and careful platforming. Npcs like toad could give hints similar to Mario 64 and there could even be levels hidden, 2d or 3d. It's what I wish 3d world would've done.

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MehmetAlperTR1251d ago

Actually i want more games from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. So we ( Gamers ) will win.. When there are battle between of them, so we will win :) Because we are gamers :)

BenRage31251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

So this video gave me an idea--probably an idea that would never work, but hear me out. What if Nintendo made an open world Mario with seemless far off environments to explore like Mario 64 (without the loading times) and what if that was combined with Mario Kart? A player could use the different karts whether it be gliding, using anti-gravity, or going under water etc, not just to reach those far off environments, but to also solve some of the puzzles.

The open world could be designed taking a que from GTA where the tracks for multiplayer racing are built into the open world offering a hugely diverse gaming experience. All the while allowing the player to leave the kart at anytime to explore using standard Mario controls to climb mountains, explore the deep sea or traverse a desert or tundra. Am I crazy or could this work?

And then add Wii sports games like Golf, Tennis and Bowling for use in multiplayer, again seamlessly integrated into the open world using Nintendo characters, heck you could combine mario party into the mix and what you would have is a game that sells 50 million +

parentoftheyear1251d ago

LoL. Great idea but you just bundled their biggest selling games into one, and the current system could never run something like that. But yes it would be freaking awesome.

Irishguy951251d ago

Wii sports sold 80 mill+ by itself. No way nintendo will throw it in witih a mario game haha. Why sell 1 game when you can sell 4?

Good idea though, it'd be a great game, just that it'll never happen while money exists

shotime971252d ago

let's see how long this video lasts b4 Nintendo's pulls it

RashBandicoot1252d ago

I don't think it's going anywhere. The last Unreal mario video reached over 2 million views and is still up and running (heh).

higgins781252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

These tech demos make me laugh. Ask these guys to create a Mario game (for example) from scratch and watch them wilt. The genius is not in upping the resolution but designing a fully fleshed game. Nintendo continue to show the world how it's done.

RashBandicoot1252d ago

I think you missed the point. These videos aren't really aiming at making a new Mario game just showing us how he'd look like if he was in a current gen game with ultra realistic graphics.

higgins781251d ago

He (Mario) IS in a current gen game, SM3DW. It unlike this tech demo looks incredible AND plays incredible - running at a flawless 60 fps to boot.

RashBandicoot1251d ago

@higgins78 the unreal demo IS running at 60 fps ;) You can enable it in the video player options.

darren_poolies1251d ago

------------- <- The point.

------------- <- Your head.

higgins781251d ago

Rubbish. I understand the point entirely, just don't appreciate it.


I understand what you are saying but, why can't Nintendo make a Mario like this? This is what a Mario game should look like by now, but Nintendo is so far behind and cheap,its not even funny. THIS is what Mario should look like RIGHT NOW!

donthate1251d ago

Because Nintendo as a company and culture is about fun and creativity. They don't care about the latest trends, graphics, resolution and frame rate.

This is what makes Nintendo, Nintendo!

That is how they can release gazillion Mario games and people continue to buy them.

It is also Nintendo's downfall, because as a platform Nintendo doesn't include things people consider standard today.

CYCLEGAMER1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Sorry but that is a lame excuse. A Mario game can look up to date and still be fun and creative. Just because the game is up to date on technology, does not mean the gameplay or anything else has to suffer, that is bad logic.

garrettbobbyferguson1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Because gameplay > art style > graphics. The video in the link looked soulless. Any animator would tell you they prefer a stylized art style over an "ultra realistic" one. As of now, the only people who are begging for UR graphics such as that are the ones who don't particularly care for the series. So no, this isn't what the Mario series 'should' look like now.

Also lol @ your up to date on technology spiel.

CYCLEGAMER1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Huh? What?? This does not look "ultra realistic" it looks like an updated Mario game. It looks "soulless" because it isn't actually a Mario game wtf are you talking about? Lol.

No one is asking Nintendo to get away from the kinds of games they make. People just want Nintendo to get with the times and tech of today. There is no reason why I shouldn't be able to talk to my teammates in splatoon or any other online multi-player game, no reason for their not to be party chat, or in game invites etc....Nintendo needs to modernize what they do best. Just an update, is that to much to ask of Nintendo???

_-EDMIX-_1251d ago

@Dont-"They don't care about the latest trends, graphics, resolution and frame rate"

Who said they can't have both? Sunshine looked AMAZING pushed tech and was still an amazing platformer, its legit the last complex 3D Mario Platformer to release.

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UKmilitia1251d ago

well they have been making the same game since 1980s so they should of perfected Mario by now.

higgins781250d ago

Yes, because SM3DW is the same as Super Mario Bros is the same as Galaxy is the same as Super Mario World etc etc. I suppose Metroid and Zelda are all "the same game" as well...

spicelicka1251d ago

Wow what are you talking about. You just invented a point against something not one ever said, and made it.

TheDevKit1251d ago

Get over it, this guy can make what he wants. You're being overly critical and pretentious as hell.

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Blueraven3161251d ago

Honestly who cares? It isn't an actually game.

Qrphe1251d ago

No one understands what a tech demo is. By the time you start adding gameplay elements to this and have to modify the look of the game in order to do so you'll end up with a product many will claim is "downgraded."

higgins781250d ago

You can say that again.

DiscoKid1251d ago

Mario's render looks great. Just needs a colorful setting to fit in nicely.