Hitman Alpha Gameplay Videos Leaked

The original uploads of videos have been taken down, but we managed to save and reupload them. I also organized the videos in order as best as I can guess. Enjoy!

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marloc_x1169d ago

Looking forward to the movie too!

bixxel1169d ago

Do not watch the movie. It's confirmed to be disapoointing and a wastage of money.

Kalebninja1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

A movie that no one has seen is confirmed to be disappointing? What?

isarai1169d ago

Early screenings, and theaters get early copies to confirm it's something they want to play in their theater, though mostly a formality with big movies like this it still happens

Kalebninja1169d ago

I'm pretty sure the theater copies are locked and no critics have reviewed the movie yet so not even the premier has happened. its over a month until release, no one can prove they've seen it.

1169d ago
bixxel1168d ago

Two successive trailers suggest:

- Overdramatic hollywood style action sequences + use of slow-motion like every bad action movie.

- The actor himself said that: he's surprised that Hitman wasn't a shoot-em-up game. Proof:

- Trailers are making Agent 47 look like a Die Hard clone. 47 is seemingly abandoning everything that's called "stealth" and runnning and gunning.

- He's causing too many non-target casualties - something 47 is never meant to do.

Should I go on more evidences?

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Dee_911169d ago

Mechanics look a little clunky but I guess this is an early build.Looks really fun though

bixxel1168d ago

It was just a weapon selection menu. How did you know the mechanics are clunky ?

raWfodog1168d ago

@ bixxel

More videos on the site...

jay21169d ago

If we're talking Movies, go see ant man amazing movie, still for the two post credits, in anycase, I'll be waiting for thhe complete disc-based game.

slinky1234561169d ago

The up next video is really inappropriate after this one is played.

TeamLeaptrade1169d ago

Ah yes, love that you can do load outs this time around. Didn't like that I couldn't customize or change my weapons before each mission in Absolution.

Mr Lahey1168d ago

Umm.. It looks really old.. Like last gen old..