Lego Avengers Video Interview With Bill Roseman And Mike Jones Of Marvel

During their coverage of San Diego Comic Con 2015, Skewed and Reviewed got to speak with Bill Roseman And Mike Jones Of Marvel about the pending Lego Avengers game. The game which is due in the fall combines both films with many characters including some new ones which were revealed to them first before the panel that followed.

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Garethvk1165d ago

They gave some great news as well as Ant Man comments.

MegaRay1165d ago

Will Spiderman be in this game?

Garethvk1165d ago

They would not say but likely.

MegaRay1165d ago

I thought Marvel dont own him. Or is Lego's copyright separate from Marvel's?

Garethvk1165d ago

Marvel owns him, it is the film rights that they have to share. Sony has the film rights but Marvel worked out a deal with Sony to include him in upcoming Marvel films. They also negotiated to have input in upcoming Sony films.

MegaRay1164d ago

I see. Cool, thanks for the info. I dont follow Marvel/DC