Stunning God Of War Artwork That Will Make You Drool

PSInsider author writes: When it comes to videogames, most people tend to focus on the graphics, gameplay, mechanics, story, or even the soundtrack. One thing people usually skip over though is the original art from the game.

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Chupa-Chupa1253d ago

Talented Artists hard at work. I praise all these game companies, it takes a team effort to make something as beautiful as the GOW series happen and it all starts with art work ideas.

techologie1252d ago

Yeah, these artists often times don't get the credit they deserve.

magiciandude1252d ago

Wow, these are really nice.

Scatpants1252d ago

God of War games are amazing looking. It's too bad Kratos is such a shitty character.

zsquaresoff1252d ago

Go play some mobile games dude.

IIFloodyII1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

I really want GoW4 to have a new protagonist (maybe the non Greek gods feared him, so got themselves a champion), and Kratos to be the antagonist, I think he'd be a really good villain (I know he arguably already is, as he pretty much got everyone killed on Earth, because he had to get revenge).

Kratos02891252d ago

And how exactly is this new protagonist going to fight Kratos and how is this new guy going to use the chain blades( which are iconic and central to the gameplay), where does he get these abilities from like God or Titan powers and how do you explain and develop this character who has been in the background for 7 games, God of War without Kratos just doesn't work, I can see why some people want him gone but a much bigger fanbase wants him to stay and if you think SSM are going to replace him in their upcoming God of War game prepare to be disappointed

IIFloodyII1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Read my comment again, I said nothing about removing Kratos, just that he should fill a new role, one that suits his character more, than pretend hero, because he's as evil as anyone else in the games.

Another Mythology could give the new guy power, as they saw what Kratos did to the Greek gods, GoW will have to open up to new mythologies, as all the important Greek Gods are dead, the new guy could be inspired by Norse Mythology, so he'll be a Viking, instead of a Spartan.

Who says you beat Kratos first time, if they plan a new saga, he could just destroy you in GoW4, maybe multiple mythologies have their own champion now, so you can fight them for power, in hopes of eventually out powering Kratos.

I'm sure SSM can find a new weapon type to base the gameplay around, Kratos being angry at dead Gods won't make a great game.

It took me all of about 2 minutes to think of that, I'm sure the talented folks at SSM can do much better with 1-2 years worth of planning.

Scatpants1252d ago

I'm just so sick of angry Kratos running around killing everyone with very little reason to do it, and that is the extent of the story. It was OK for a few games, but now it's starting to get pretty stale.
Maybe in this new one he will seek a way to bring the gods back to life so that he can kill them again.

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