Limbo Mod For Dark Souls Gives The Game A Dark New Look

One Angry Gamer "Dark Souls mods are still coming out regularly and even though they aren’t always talked about much, one of the mods really stands out. A ReShade mod for Dark Souls allows gamers to play the game with an all new visual flair… inspired by Playdead Software’s minimalist, black-and-white side-scroller, Limbo."

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Irishguy951224d ago

Actually looks really cool...Limnos overtone would be nice too. Or some humming in the back or something(Psychological shit)

goldwyncq1224d ago

Fighting the 4 kings with this mod would be a nightmare.

TWB1223d ago

He did.

I checked the dudes chanel and he finished the whole game like this with no hud or menu elements.

TeamLeaptrade1223d ago

That's actually quite cool, but I doubt I'd be able to handle playing it for too long like that.