Batman: Arkham Knight Sucks on PC, So Let’s Talk About Pokémon

The Benign crew, comprised of Gabe Carey, Bill Thomas, and Olivia LeClair, talks Batman: Arkham Knight PC troubles, then sends the podcast back fourteen years with an insightful look at Pokémon Crystal for the Game Boy Color. Also brought up is the topic of “fake” Pokémon games like Chaos Black Version and its many co-conspirators in the surprisingly unheard of Pokémon black market.

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sigmaklin1251d ago

What kind of a title is that?

wonderfulmonkeyman1251d ago

It's a Twilight Zone U-Turn, that's what it is.XD

CurrentDigital1250d ago

It's a dumb video game comedy podcast. It's whatever you want it to be. ;)

nidhogg1251d ago

The pokemon bootleg games wasn't really that 'unheard' of especially in my country. XD