"We seem to like making completely new things"

"Randy Pitchford: That whole thing was a huge waste of time. The market proved it was doing its job perfectly. The market is dispassionate - rewarding what it likes and punishing what it doesn't. There is an objectivity and fairness in the open market's harsh, firm justice."

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MEsoJD889d ago

Randy Pitchford can fcuk off.

Crimzon889d ago

Until Borderlands 3 launches, at which point everybody forgets about their lies, deception and generally despicable business practices to throw cash down on preorders and season passes because the trailer has internet memes and dubstep.

MikleDemi889d ago (Edited 889d ago )

Words can't explain how much I loathe this man. He fooled me twice, but that's it.
Lied about Duke and then about Aliens. Not listening to his marketing diarrhea ever again.

I think he meant to say "We seem to like making complete asses of ourselves."

Gwiz889d ago

I'm pretty sure Sega proved Gearbox wrong by making Alien Isolation.
Gearbox did some pretty shady stuff.

889d ago
Pintheshadows889d ago

Randy Pitchford is such a buttflap. He is in huge denial over his companies hugely unethical practices. They fully deserved the backlash they got over Aliens Colonial Marines. In any other industry that kind of false advertising would of seen them heavily punished.

Skate-AK889d ago

They seem to be good at showing fake footage (A:CM) and canceling their own IP. (Brothers In Arms: Furious Four)

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