Diehard GameFAN: Painkiller Triple Dose Review

Painkiller Triple Dose is a cheap compilation that's worth every penny and then some. Focusing on action over storytelling, Painkiller provides a visceral, action-packed experience that's every bit as fun as the old classics it attempts to emulate, while also providing its own unique touches, like ability enhancing tarot cards, soul collecting, ten-story tall bosses and guns that shoot giant stakes or lightning shurikens. It can get a little repetitive after the tenth or fifteenth hour of playing (which says less against the variety and more about HOW MUCH CONTENT is here.)

The AI isn't the best, and it's not as technologically advanced as more modern shooters, but for twenty bucks, Painkiller Triple Dose is something every FPS lover NEEDS to play, if only to cleanse the palette between overly vocal games stuffed with unwarranted self-importance. If you're just looking to get down and shoot a lot of stuff for an hour or two, look no further: Painkiller has your hook-up.

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