Could Nintendo’s NX Be The Next Best Console?

TechDaring: "Let’s face it, Nintendo is a great gaming brand, and definitely one we don’t want to see disappear. Let’s just hope they’ve got something great to reveal, but what a head spinner that could be for the two current leaders of 8th gen."

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Nosred1222d ago

This Nx is more like a portable or Tablet than desktop hardware.

So I think It will not compete with Xone / Ps4.

Big_Game_Hunters1222d ago

Because we know what the NX is.

2pacalypsenow1222d ago

It's Nintendo that have never had the most powerful console since the ps1 days

bouzebbal1222d ago

N64 had more raw power than PS1. Architectures were totally different and graphical rendering were very distinct but N64 was more powerful.

OT: I think NX will be a special console with special features. The reason is that Nintendo don't wanna reveal it too soon so competition doesn't steal their ideas.
NX imo will be a more powerful console much more social and open to smartphone market. Maybe a hybrid with VR tech and phones market places compatible and possibility to use any smartphone as second screen instead of gamepad flop.

ChronoJoe1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

They've never had a successful console outside of the original Wii either. So honestly I'm not expecting much on this front.

Third party publishers just don't support Nintendo's consoles anymore. It's not going to change over night, it will be an incredibly hard sell to get third parties on this new platform when PS4/ONE have an install base closing in on 40 units sold (total).

Nintendo's only hopes of seeing third party support is by making a console that's very similar to develop for. No gimmicks like motion controls or the gamepad, as it means extra work to develop for. That's a problem when developing for your platform is already a hard sell.

I think Nintendo would benefit by keeping it simple. Make a console that gamers want, stop trying to chase the extremely casual audience. It's a very hard market to capture, but by making a console that focuses on their strengths, while making it a nice platform for third parties, I think they could be successful. Backwards online policies would need to go too though, else third party development just won't be worthwhile for a lot of popular multiplayer titles.

The last platform that launched in this postion was the Dreamcast. Not suggesting Nintendo will repeat Sega's mistakes, but I do not feel that mid-generation is a good launch period of a new system.

Madock1222d ago

What we know is, for the 1st time ever, the engineers that gave us Gameboy AND Snes are designing this together!
For the 1st time ever, Nintendo devs won't have to split their time working on a handheld and a console (meaning no game droughts from now on)

That's all they need to rule

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Spotie1222d ago

Until it's revealed, the NX is nothing but their next piece of hardware. We can't make any assumptions beyond that.

Sly-Lupin1222d ago

I think, in general, Android and iOS are bigger competition for Nintendo than Microsoft and Sony.

Thing is, Nintendo is the only one among the "Big Three" (or Big Four) that really caters to the ALL AGES demographic. And that's why Nintendo platforms aren't selling well--older gamers want platforms that cater mostly to themselves, and younger gamers have phones.

uth111222d ago

exactly this. Nintendo scooped up a huge casual market with Wii, but most of them then jumped ship to mobile/facebook gaming.

rainslacker1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

I think if Nintendo actually feels they have to cater in such a way, they are doing it wrong. Both MS and Sony cater to all generations by releasing games that appeal to a wide range of age groups. They don't try to make games which appeal to everyone, they make different games for different people.

MS and Sony also work hard to get support, so they have even more software to appeal to that age range.

I love Nintendo games, they're usually a lot of fun, and full of quality, but they look like kids games. Sure they throw an occasional bone to the older crowd, but those bones tend to be things like Bayonetta or Xenoblade, which have limited appeal, and ultimately fall more into the teenage range because of their art style. It's like Nintendo thinks that people think of their work as Pixar...stuff that can be enjoyed by all age groups...and it can be, but the reality of the situation is is that most of their work does not actually appeal to the mass market of older gamers beyond nostalgia.

Honestly, I believe that Nintendo tries to focus too much into one way of doing things. They don't really branch out once they have their mind set on what they want to do. Their system seems very limited to many gamers(the mass majority ones who make up a bulk of sales) because they simply focus too much. After their two generations where they didn't seem to have a direction at all, they finally focused in hard on low costs and gimmicky control, which ultimately worked out well for them. This gen...they're focused on trying to be the game company they were in the NES/SNES days by releasing games that seem to harken back to those times(Japanese centric), yet they don't really do anything else.

On top of this, when something doesn't work for them, they quickly move onto the next thing(WiiU->NX) or even when it's working, they move onto the next thing(3DS->N3DS). It's like they just want things to happen quickly, and don't bother cultivating their fan base beyond the die-hard Nintendo-ites and those who just consider their consoles OK for their kids to have.

Jughead34161222d ago

With the disappointment of the Wii U, I'll tone down my expectations for the NX. Hope it's as good or better than PS4 and XBOX ONE, but I have to try to save myself from being disappointed.

Zeref1222d ago

Sorry can't hear you over my Splatoon and Smash Bros(arguably the most fun fighting game)

zidane13411222d ago

@zeref, wow, two whole games? that puts my xbox one library of 40+ to shame. Who needs games like the Witcher 3 or Batman!?

Madock1222d ago

which u can finish in a wkd given u'r past how repetitive and boring they become...
I'm still playing splat, kart, smash and even Metroid every week, non stop and still having fun

wonderfulmonkeyman1222d ago

Step away from the crystal ball.

gamingpro1222d ago

You hope, fanboy. It could be more powerful than both xbone and ps4.

Nintendo already has the best software, if they have the best hardware to then that's good enough for me.

pcz1222d ago

nintendo need a radical change in its approach for the NX to be respected among gamers. but since their e3 show focused on party games, mini game collections and amiibo, i dont think that will happen.

i dont even think the NX is necessary. wwhy dont nintendo just focus on the wiiu- go all the way? the fact nintendo are willing to drop the wiiu on a whim like a hot sack of shxt shows total disregard to fans.

i think it would be more beneficial to right the wrongs of the wiiu, then totally abandon it. lose the controller, cut the price. then you have an attractive console.

it makes me think nintendo are only going to launch the NX because they know a new console launch will drive massive sales... they just want a big pay day. im anticipating the NX will be more powerful than the wiiu, but not advanced enough to be cutting edge- it will be right on the border of being obsolete tech... just enough to carry it for 3 years before that becomes blindingly obvious.

at this point its clear nintendo will never fix its 3rd party relations, so any chance of competing with sony or microsoft is wild fantasy.

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dead_pixels1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

Sure, it could happen. But it could also be their worst. At this point we know nothing about the console other than the likelihood that it could launch well before devs have had time to familiarize themselves with the platform.

Nintendo has an uphill battle ahead of them, and they can't find success on first party releases alone. They need to win back the trust of third party developers, big publishers and consumers before they have any chance of returning to their former glory as industry front runners.

Zeref1222d ago

In fact we don't even know if it's a console. All we know is that it's a gaming device.

Concertoine1222d ago

All i know is, we've seen the best from a company when they are cornered. The original Xbox was a slow seller, but a crowd pleaser for sure. As soon as the 360 got big they got cocky. The PS3 turn around was another great experience for the industry.

The poor selling Saturn also led to the DC, one of the most beloved consoles ever.

I anticipate Nintendo's next moves.

Big_Game_Hunters1222d ago

The NX will have two GTX 970 Ti. My dad works at Nintendo.

Haru1222d ago

Really? I've heard it actually has 4 titan x's in sli a new 12 cores Intel i7 cpu and 36 gb ultra fast hbm ram and a 5 tb flash hdd o:

_-EDMIX-_1222d ago

All for the low price of $99! Nintendo taking that loss for the TEAM!

rainslacker1222d ago

Yeah...but it will only release with a controller which you strap to your head like a retainer and control with your tongue.

Ark_1222d ago

Well, my grandma said, the NX is a rework of a 970 T, not 970 Ti ... and she would buy one.

MSBAUSTX1222d ago

Well my dad said it will run on angel tears and produce a million tflops and be 4K 120 FPS on every game that comes out on it. It will magicaly upconvert your crappy TVs resolution without the need of buying any extra hardware and all VC games will be free. Ha ha... I like this game.

Agent_hitman1222d ago

Someone told me that NX will have Pentium 3 processor and GTX 5200. So yeah

RPGrinder1222d ago

Can we just freaking wait until it comes out?

MasterCornholio1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )


We have to speculate first and drive the hype through the roof.

Of course we can't wait to find out what the heck NX is!!!!


Anyways your right. Nintendo will announce it soon and when they do then we can start arguing over it.

Edit: Just my opinion but I think they announced it a bit to early.

Xavior_Reigns1222d ago

It could be, but will Nintendo themselves evolve?

swice1222d ago

Call it Nintendo Ascension.

I'd buy it

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