PS3 and Vita physical versions of Steins;Gate now available for preorder on Amazon

The U.S. physical versions of Steins;Gate are now available for preorder on Amazon for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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pompombrum1252d ago

Wow Europe got this before the Americans? That's refreshing. For those who've played it though, would you recommend watching the anime first or after? Also is it the sort of the game best given 100% attention to on PS3 or is it a good fit to pick up for holiday travelling on Vita? Going away early August and was planning on picking it up on my Vita.

OsamaBinYoshi1252d ago

The anime is rather great adaptation of the game but the game is still much more detailed and has overall more content. I'd recommend playing the game before. Also, it's perfect on vita since you can take it and play anywhere.

poppinslops1252d ago

The anime and the game both tell the same story, so I wouldn't worry about chronology... Also, there's an OVA set after the anime, which is worth a watch.

And there shouldn't be any major differences between platforms, so you might as well get the Vita version.

Spotie1252d ago

I would always go with the original material first, if it can be helped.

Too late for me. Not that I'm complaining. The anime is great.

Hotabang1252d ago

most of the time, anime types or jrpgs get released in europe before america

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Agent_hitman1252d ago

Moar anime based games for PS platforms.

TheColbertinator1252d ago

Excited for Steins Gate on Vita

obmas1251d ago

damn, i was really hoping for an additional story... not a retelling of the anime. but anyways, steinsgate is one of my favorite animes of all time.