Check Out Street Fighter V's Ken in Action in Gameplay Videos Aplenty from SDCC

San Diego Comic Con saw the most unsurprising Street Fighter V announcement ever, with the return of Ken Masters to the roster of the game. The blond-haired ex-clone of Ryu was already playable, and quite a lot of footage was recorded by attendees.

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Deathdeliverer1248d ago

My hype for SFV could not be any bigger. This will be one of the best SF games in the series. As huge as 4 was it became a battle of one frame links. Fighting games are usually about 2 things. Space control and damage output. If you don't have one frame links, you don't have damage output in 4. This stopped me from having casual bouts with friends because it was the first street fighter EVER to have such a strict combo system. Because they still played like it was any other street fighter they were quickly left behind in a series we played together since the original. Now combos have been dramatically shortened and damage has been increased to the days of old. Now single hits matter again. Combo chains are back to an extent like the alpha series. Stun meter and stun pressure are back from SF3, and high damage from every street fighter except 4 and maybe alpha 3 is back. Cinematic Ultras from SF4 are also in. It's the best of every street fighter rolled into one. Counting down the days till beta launch. And if you have not heard the new character soundtracks get ready for the hype train. Old school remixes. Go to or your fav video or fighting game site. I'm sure there's links.

Akuma2K1248d ago

Couldn't have said it better my friend, i'm am so hyped as well and the beta can't get here fast enough.

I liked how SF4 revitalized the fighting game genre, but because SF5 will have a gameplay element from every previous streetfighter game those elements alone will cause SF5 to have a bigger and greater impact and will bring a flood of new comers to streetfighter than we ever saw introduced to SF4 like a hurricane making land fall.

The damage and space control in SF5 is spot on, the matches will go much faster compared the slower gameplay in SF4 and this will make for some great battles at EVO from the streetfighter elite top players (if the matches at this year's E3 is any example I can't wait) but for those who haven't seen go to youtube and type in "SF5 E3 gameplay nacho"......that guy dominated like nobody's business and won the SF5 E3 tournament.

Deathdeliverer1247d ago

Yeah I was watching all that live (via twitch). I can't wait for players like Daigo, Momochi, tokido, and J Wong, who is already beasting with Bison, really dig in. And the best part is that we will be able to finally have everyone under one roof. Players like PR Balrog, that plays PC exclusively can be in a room with Wong, that plays Xbox for SFIV, and Daigo, who obviously goes all Playstation will all be in a lobby at one time and you might be in that same lobby. Vacation time is already put in. Add me (anyone that wants to play). My name is the same on every console and PC game.

Akuma2K1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Yea it would be very exciting to possibly end up playing against an elite SF player, just being in the same lobby with one them is an honor within itself.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1248d ago


Shut up and take my money!!!

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