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Grant Patterson of [email protected] writes:

"The year was 1990. The publisher was SNK. The game was the legendary Crystalis.

Crystalis isn't anything amazing to most people at this point in history. By now, it's just another relic of a bygone age. So much, in fact, that introducing one of my friends to it yielded the response "oh, so it's like A Link to the Past, okay." They're not entirely wrong, except the comparison is backwards; The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past is like Crystalis. See, the game itself was much larger than the Zelda games on NES, with multiple areas connected by network of caves and vast overworld areas."

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Shinuz1251d ago

When I was younger I went to a store where there was Crystalis and Solstice both at a great discount and my father told me to choose only one, and altought I realy enjoyed solstice I still regret not having picked Crystalis instead.