Arcade Unveils Shenmue and Nights: Into Dreams Arcade Games

An Alameda, California arcade showcases an overdose of nostalgia for Sega die-hards.

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Rookie_Monster957d ago (Edited 957d ago )

This actually reminds me that you can play old Sega arcade games in the virtual arcade in Shenmue. Wonder if Sega would allow some of their games still be used in Shenmue 3 as no doubt Yu Suzuki would want to put his babies Daytona and Virtual Fighter in them. Thar would be kind of neat.

dead_pixels957d ago

I'm about to put on my badass leather jacket and hoof it to the arcade so I can put on my badass leather jacket and hoof it to the arcade. Meta-gaming at its finest.

But yeah, I have no doubt we'll see a slew of other gems from Yu Suzuki's arcade career in Shenmue 3.

rainslacker957d ago

That would be pretty awesome. I really loved Daytona games.:) licensing is likely high though.:( I could see them putting in some other concept games he's likely created over the years though...or maybe just making up games for it. However, given the budget, this feature may not make it at all.

_-EDMIX-_957d ago

Sega be like "we gave you Shenmue bro what more do you want?" lol

957d ago