File size listed for God of War 3 Remastered

The file size has been listed for God of War 3 Remastered on PlayStation 4.

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DarkOcelet1226d ago

That's surprising consider it was almost 40 gigs on Ps3 yet it's lower here. I expected the frame rate and resolution to increase its size not lower it lol. But that's cool.

Saranya1226d ago

That's because 40 gigs on Ps3 was liar.

Sunny_D1226d ago

"That's because 40 gigs on Ps3 was liar."

"Ps3 was liar."

"was liar."


xer01226d ago

Let's not forget how slow the PS3 blu-ray read speed was!

The blu-rays were that big because they kept copies of high quality videos in various languages on the disc.

But more importantly.., because developers duplicated textures in each games level’s in order to make content stream from Blu-rays faster.

Genuine-User1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

PS3 was a liar? lol

Eonjay1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Actually it was due the fact that data was duplicated on the PS3 to decrease loading times. PS4 has HDD installation, more memory, and better tech overall. It also probably has better compression techniques. Computers aren't liars.

I imagine someone holding a PS3... red eyed screaming 'liar' while shaking it. Not a good look man.

EeJLP-1225d ago

English is not everyone's first/main language. It's not that difficult to figure out what Saranya was saying. Whether it is true or not, no need to attack or make fun of someone learning and using English. Shouldn't that be a positive thing?

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I_am_Batman1226d ago

PS3 games had duplicated data on the blu-ray discs to increase the reading speed. Frame rate doesn't impact the game's size because it's real time rendering.

Irishguy951225d ago

Now you know how wasteful the ps3 really was.

Satyre281226d ago

After seeing that new gameplay of this remaster i will not be buying this until its around 10 bucks. I just dont understand how they can legitimately just add 1080P/60FPS and think that is ok. Idk who else saw it, but this remaster is literally just that, it looks identical to PS3 gameplay and thats a bit disappointing especially since i was excited for this.

Sciurus_vulgaris1226d ago

This is a port that should of been bundled with GOW ascension. 40 dollars for one old game with a few enhancements is unjustifiable. You can buy the GOW collection on PS3 for 20 bucks and get 5 games. GOW 1 should of been remastered with redone graphics instead to celebrate the series 10 year anniversary.

Yaqza1226d ago

They are aiming this offer at people like myself, that used to have 360. If the market reseponds, Ascension will follow.

Sciurus_vulgaris1226d ago

@Yaqza. I know this isn't aimed at people like me ( who have or had a PS3). I can't bring myself to agree with the pricing of this remaster (port), the game doesn't have enough graphical enhancements or new content to justify the price. This isn't a terribly short game (it's about 8hrs ) but it is still 5 years old, it's also first party and should be cheaper or bundled with Ascension.

Irishguy951226d ago

WE'll aim it at those who never had a ps3 :) Lets charge over double of what its worth cause that'll really catch their eye!

EeJLP-1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )


The one good part in your 'satire' (assuming that's what you were attempting) is how you mention gameplay being the same.. like anyone expected the gameplay to change?

If somehow you actual believe the rest of what you typed, or others do, simply look at the textures and lighting, There's a clear difference and the PS4 remaster looks much better, not to mention how much better it will look in motion on your TV with the increased frame rate. The PS3 version ran mostly between 30-40fps, and should be a solid 60fps as far as I have seen for the PS4 version.

Azmatik1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

lol! if this looks identical you need to get to the eye doctor real fast. Sure the price is high but saying its identical is just plain stupidity, and that's just a PrntScrn off my web browser from the comparison video.

InTheZoneAC1225d ago

God of War 1 was already redone
God of War 2 was already redone
God of War for PSP was already redone

God of War 3 is now being redone, so why weren't you complaining this hard about the other ones getting redone before the ps3 version?

I spent $60 for a remsastered ps3 game in The Last of Us and you can say Battlefield 4 as well and I think both are worth it.

God of War 3 is an excellent game no matter where you look at it, why troll this hard?

Genuine-User1225d ago


one look at your comment history...

"I have both consoles so it doesnt matter to me, but you PS4 guys are gonna feel reality very soon. When X1 gamers are playing their pretty damn amazing holiday lineup and you are playing bunch of indies we will see if it matters. Sony messed up, and they know it, they admitted it, why cant you fanboys?"

DragonKnight1225d ago

"it looks identical to PS3 gameplay and thats a bit disappointing especially since i was excited for this."

I honestly hope that this is a joke because if not...

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rainzor1226d ago

If you can't afford a 40 dollar game, I suggested you quit gaming. Gaming requires money; its not for welfies

Ripsta7th1226d ago

This is exactly what xbox gamers were telling Sony fans last gen
How ironic ;)

EeJLP-1226d ago


So you're telling me xbox gamers were telling people who bought the more expensive system that they were like welfare recipients? That makes a lot of sense..

MasterCornholio1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )


Look, the PS3 launched at a higher price than the Xbox 360 so it was really PlayStation fans paying more for their system than Xbox owners.

I believe you failed to deliver your point well so may i suggest you clarify it.

PhucSeeker1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

So he,who had played GoW3 already, think there aren't much new contents to be had in the remastered edition of the game equals he can't afford a 40$ game ?

garrettbobbyferguson1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

"it's not for welfies"

It is however, for fools. I should have gotten into the gaming business. I would have been rich with how many of you are so eager to spend money on things you already have; among everything else that "gamers" are happy to cough up money for. Anyone want some more horse armor?

DragonKnight1225d ago

I'm pretty sure that Ripsta7th is referring to the attitude Xbox gamers had when it came to the price of Live, not games.

If you tried telling Xbox gamers that Live was not worth the price, or online shouldn't be charged for (yes, yes I know the PS4 charges for it, let's move on), or that basic features were locked behind the Live paywall, you'd receive 2 responses. 1. Who games these days without playing online? And 2. If you can't afford $50 a year (and of course the Xbox gamer who will jump in about "I never paid $50 I always found deals on Amazon) I suggest you quit gaming. Gaming requires money; its not for welfies."

And that did happen. All the time.

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IamTylerDurden11226d ago

1st off the Gears 1 remaster is a 9-10yr old single game for 40$ with horde mode taken out, this is how it goes.

2nd The compressed low def Youtube comparisons imo show the PS4 remaster to be gorgeous and significantly better looking. It will look STUNNING in real life in native 1080/60. Even on YouTube the PS4 version looks so much better, the Hades fight, Poseidon ect.

3rd The PS4 version brings more than just "throwing in 1080/60".

Visually - The PS4 version improves from 720p @ 30ish fps to 1080p @ 60fps. Dynamic lighting has been added to the PS4 version, the shadows/shadowing is vastly improved as well. Kratos face is more well defined as well as other aspects that have been touched up/reworked. Better anti-aliasing & filters have been added to improve the visuals as well. The camera has been improved w/different angles.

Overall - u get all the costumes/dlc with the PS4 version.

a new photomode has been added so u can stop time/freeze gameplay & take photos w/many customization options.

New weapons have been added including gauntlets called the Cestus which allow Kratos to perform insane grappling attacks.

Along w/your purchase/preorder u get God of War & God of War II for free on ps now as well as a snazzy PS4 theme. U get these with physical purchases as well as digital.

I heard there are new gameplay sequences involving Kratos riding & taming majestic beasts, using these beasts for visceral combat as well.

There is certainly more to the package than u claim.

Doge1226d ago

"1st off the Gears 1 remaster"

Nobody brought up Gears. It's hilariously one-sided of you to dismiss Gears' refinement (such as remade cutscenes, gameplay refinements, etc...) while writing 9 paragraphs for GoW 3 :V

OB1Biker1226d ago

Yea I get it a few people cant stand remastered games they already played but its all matter of having a better version available and the price is what you want it to be if your patient enough.

I never played GOW III and want to play the best version. The price will probably go down relatively fast but I m not sure Ill be patient enough to wait.

PhucSeeker1225d ago

1/ Gear of War 1 never had horde mode.
2/ "significantly better looking" ? I doubt that.
3/ Photo mode is great, no doubt. All games should have that feature.
4/ Have never seen this Cestus thing, a youtube link of the thing in action would be great.
5/ GoW 1 & 2 for free (for 30 days) are nice. But not so much on Ps now.

Overall, it is an ok-ish package for anyone who haven't played the game. For those who have played it,15$ would be nice.

Sciurus_vulgaris1225d ago

Horde mode was not part of the first gears.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1225d ago

it's only 90 day rentals, I just looked. That's a nice throw in, but I've played them so just getting the chance to rent them doesn't mean much to me. I own the God Of War collection so it doesn't matter. Of course I can't play that without a PS3. I think this looks fantastic too, but i'll wait till its about $15-20. It's my favorite game, but I'm not paying $60 for 3 Uncharted games and a beta and then $40 for 1 GOW game.

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DanzoSAMA1226d ago Show
JokerBoy4221226d ago

This was my favorite entry in the series due to the Nemian Cestus alone but this is just a money grab to entice people into giving a shit about the series until God of War 4 is announced. Its crap to think Sony is actually releasing this to people who only had 360s last gen and if so then why not just come out with a whole HD Remastered Collection like everyone else does? Its called money folks and Sony knows that if this sells then you idiots will buy anything. They'll just keep making crap ports of all the other entries as well and charge out the ass for it because your money tells them you want it. They dont care about evolving the industry, they care about the money. This industry deserves a better class of gaming guru's.

JWiLL5521226d ago

Good god man, what's wrong with giving us a 1080p/60 remaster of one of last gen's best games for people who didn't have a 360?

So because you had a PS3 this is now a "money grab" and Sony is doing you wrong?

Don't fucking buy it, nobody is making you. They aren't charging $60 for it.

And the first 2 games have already been remastered BTW.

OB1Biker1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Nobody has to buy it day 1. How is that a bad thing? Has the thought occurred to you this remastered game will be available for very cheap later on for many who havent even played it before and probably bundled for free in many PS4 offers?

LoveSpuds1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

I bought it day one on PS3 and was just 2 trophies away from a Platinum. It was the game that got me into this genre of games, I went back and played the first to in the series as well the likes of Beyonetta.

The game really is incredible, a touchI liked was the making of documentary you unlocked which was super interesting.

I am not interested in all those keyboard warriors dictating whether is value for money, I will decide that for myself thankyou very much. Despite a pretty horrendous backlog I am going to struggle to not pick this up on release.

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