Gears 2 gets Linked Achievements

Gears of War 2 to made an appearance at the Comic-Con today and some interesting news was dropped, announcing that Gears 2 would get "linked achievements". What exactly is a "linked achievement"

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taz80803648d ago

Gears of War 2 getting linked achievements is pretty kool. Maybe it will set a trend to other game manufacturers when they make sequels.

ASSASSYN 36o3648d ago

Lets see who also takes on this trend.

Gam713648d ago

Yeah. If I didn't have most of the achievements already i'd go back and get them.

I do hope there are other ways of getting those characters though as I like the way achievements are an extra to the game that you can go for or not.
I don't want them to become integral to the standard game.

proArchy3648d ago

Ratchet and Clank games have been doing something like this since the 2nd game, but this sounds like a step further

Gam713648d ago

And didn't burnout do something like this as well.

If you had a madden save you got a madden van.
A burnout 3 save you got a burnout 3 car.

It's all been done before.

I swear i'm gonna make every single post from now on on here simply.


midgetsanx3648d ago

It doesn't really matter who did it first. I hope trophies/achievements that give unlockables in the game will become mainstream. This will give the reward system whether it is trophies or achievements, alot more value.

player9113648d ago

Mario Kart Wii has it. If you have a Mario Galaxy Save... you can unlock a character.

This is nothing new, but it is neat.

Kinda like Legends of Zelda: Season and Ages game for gameboy. If you beat one before the other, you start off with a special item that will change gameplay in the next game. It added good replay value as you had to beat both games twice to really beat it.

MazzingerZ3648d ago

AS many has mentioned, many games already allowed you to transfer progress from previous games, MArio Kart, Ratchet & Clank, some RPGs, ProEvolution Soccer allowed you to transfer your team...

We also have the XBLA games that will give you gold to be used in Fable 2 and the PSN/XBLA Rearmed Commando that will unlock some stuff for the retail game...

So while this is nice is NOT a Revolution...we haven't seen this much in this generation because we have had so few sequels

This is just a way to make people getting a X360 for Gears 2 to buy Gears 1 as otherwise there's no really a reason to do so...there's no really a story to catch up with

WHO would like to buy a game that is smaller, NOT BETTER than GoW2 and 5 TIMES less Bad ass?

ZombieNinjaPanda3647d ago

I think ratchet had it.

If you played and beat the first game, you would get special weapons in the second one.

Beat the second one, special unlocks in third.

But sounds pretty cool i Suppose.

Edit @ chaos:
Did you beat me? haha

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taz80803648d ago

The 360 gets something unique with linked achievements that no other console can match.

max-jeager3648d ago

linked achivements is even better than sliced bread .how can all of us could be so blind
umm hey have u ever paly mgs3 subsintace, if not dont even mind answering

Gam713648d ago

I have "paly" mgs3. It sucked

anyway this is a great innovation although someone will be on to say M$ is copying £ony.
That was a joke people.
Or that trophies are better
That was another joke.

chaostheory3648d ago

While this is quite clever, it is something that was done last generation. You could transfer your weapons from older Rachet and Clank games, to newer ones, and if you had made it to a certain point in the first Rachet and Clank, you got an employee discount on weapons in the third one. Still it is a great way to get people to play earlier games in a series, and I hope more games start to incorporate it.

TheColbertinator3648d ago

Hey Taz Just Listen for a minute.In the PS2 in Ratchet and Clank,you could transfer your weapons from part 1 to part 2 then to part3.Its not really "original" as you think but its a good addition to Gears 2 which I will be getting.

Montrealien3648d ago

And don;t forget Colbert, you could play as Knuckles in your Sonic 2 cartridge.

Pain3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

or also called WHATS BEEN DONE BEFOR.

how is this New? No really?

beat "Game" keep save data unlocks extra's in second 'game' thats not new. ...Oh but its XBOX2 its New Super Awesome!!! New and Innovated!!!!

or just U Xbots kids to young to know,been there done that since games with "Save data"

syanara3647d ago

Im glad microsoft is doing something new with their achivements linking them is a great idea

that is not sarcasm either i really think this is pretty cool

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Svtcobrastang3648d ago

these better be retroactive or i'm going to be pissed.

taz80803648d ago

i dont understand why people are disagreeing, no other console has this so it makes it unique to the 360. I think it a really smart way to motivate people to play the original portions of sequels. Makes me want to go back and play Gears again.

TheColbertinator3648d ago

I agree with you Taz.I'm sick of achievements being useless and just standing there.At least they are being used in games like Gears at least

midgetsanx3648d ago

Its good to see someone trying to use a reward system (trophies/achievements) for something in the game. I always liked the idea expecially in Ratchet and Clank Future where it was skillpoints.It would be great if this type of reward system was being implemented in many games so trophies/achievements would gain alot more value.

taz80803648d ago

Agreed, this actually gives the gamerscores a function and purpose other than bragging rights. Good idea by the folks over at Epic.

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