Avatar: Legends of the Arena MMO Announced

Avatar: Legends of the Arena is a brand-new, multiplayer global online game which will serve as a prequel story to the series, players can create their own Avatar character and test their skills against players from around the globe in several 3D online arenas.

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Wildarmsjecht3641d ago

So im gonna admit that Im a huge Avatar fan. The series was something unseen before on Nickelodeon and the series ending was fantastic. I wonder how this MMO will really play out..and if we can have different nations.

The gaming GOD3641d ago

And to be honest, it didn't fit with nickelodeon's style of shows. But it was an excellent show far beyond what we normally see. Too bad it had to end though. But all good things end at some point right?

Nitrowolf23641d ago

i saw the last episode but i might of missed it
Zuku went to the jail and chatted with his father and wat he asked was where was his mother. i do not know if there was a part but i remember seeing that and then it ended with zuku talking to ang (something like that). So did he find his mother? If not then that could be a start of another adventure.

Wildarmsjecht3641d ago

Yea, thats what I imagined as well. They never explained for sure where his mother was, and I was hoping it meant another adventure surrounding the Avatar universe. But I wonder how it would work out. Still, this game is something I will continue to keep an eye on.

The gaming GOD3641d ago

It will be tough

Everyone's expectations will be MEGA high. But I guess there are some loopholes that make a spin off slightly possible. For example, like you guys mentioned, Zuko hasn't met his mother. And you know Azula is more than likely more vicious now than ever. And also Koh, the face stealer is still alive. So I guess there might be some villians and plots that could be made.

But like I said, it will be tough

The gaming GOD3641d ago

For some reason, the site posted my above comment twice

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GCO Gamer3641d ago

This is a sick idea looks like i'm going to have to watch more Avatar...

NewSchoolGamer3641d ago

about that water girl that is the sister of the water guy that help the new avatar, is she the grown up woman that they show in the other season I guess or something?

Nitrowolf23641d ago

idk they l look like little kids to me

Reibooi3641d ago

The Avatar creators awhile ago said that this Finale Sozin's Comet is the end of Avatar Aang's story but that there may be further stories in the Avatar universe as it is a very deep universe. They never did show what happened to Zuko's mother. One of the storyboard guys whipped up a thing explaining it but it was turned down by the creators they talked about this at Comic-con. This game has the potential to be very very great but I doubt it will reach that success as it will almost certainly cut corners at every possible place as Nickelodeon normally sees things such as this as nothing more then a cash in and I honestly don't see them changing that now.

max-jeager3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

another 1000 gs points

it gonna be the best rent ever "jk"


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