New Halo 5 ViDoc Goes Behind the Scenes With the Campaign

EB: The tease sets up the full length “A Hero Reborn” vidoc, which can be viewed on the Halo Channel app. The Halo Channel is currently available on Xbox One, Windows 8.1 PCS/Tablets, IOS, Android and coming soon to Windows Phone.

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Erik73571226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Showed new footage here and look good!
Anti-aliasing is little bad and the strive to get 60fps I think is hurting the game in some aspects like split screen.

Oh well, guess ill just wait for the pc version to fix that.

4Sh0w1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

This looks like a duplicate of yesterdays vidoc...Yes the game looks great, I dont see much to nitpick and I disagree about split screen, imo 60fps means more to MORE Halo fans like me who value the added smoothness to the GAMEPLAY that it brings vs a feature I did love years ago but I mostly wont use after a few sessions with my daughter, plus with the connectivity options we have today no doubt the majority were going play Halo5 4 player co op almost entirely online anyway. Not sure if Halo5 will come to pc but I suspect it will be quite a wait on your part...maybe around the hype for Halo6???? Im not that patient or optimistic.

Hercules1891226d ago

The ground textures and foliage needs some improvement, which it will since a lot of this is months old, but everything else looks amazing. Just look at the cliff details almost photo realistic, but better because it has a certain style to it compared to Battlefront that is going for a realistic approach. The character models are also almost perfect just right behind UC4 and The Order.