Jim Piddock (voice of Zero) on why he turned down the role for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

As we have known for a while, Jim Piddock (who did the voice of Zero in MGS3) was originally approached by Konami for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, but he turned it down because their offer was too low.

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Skate-AK1227d ago

Curious to know what popular voice actors consider low payment. Kind of wonder what video game VAs make period.

Grap1227d ago

a kind of money that Sutherland took the role, it's just double standards just because a guy is famous doesn't make him a great VA.

-Foxtrot1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

They don't care about how good he is VA's about managing to get someone within a reasonable budget but also highly well known enough so you can slap their name on marketing to make it bigger then it already is.

Kind of why I feel for Hayter. I mean he most likely got into voice acting as his acting career never took off as well, then years later when you think "Well least I have Solid Snake to be proud off" an actor, someone you could have been if you got lucky, bursts in and replaces you. I'd be like "bu, bu, but this is my have yours, you were in a highly successful show which ran for 9 seasons and had 204 episodes overall including a TV film"

rainslacker1227d ago

I've read, and was told by a VA one time at a convention, that a season of an anime/cartoon show, which takes about 2-3 weeks for a main character to record can range anywhere between 2-10K based on experience and budget. This was about 10 years ago though, not sure if they make more now.

Smaller parts of one or two episodes range between $100-500...although most of those also do supplemental "additional voices" within the show as well, and I hear for "quality" VA's in quality dubs they can make a lot more for a role.

Games are a bit different, and mocap has changed things since now it's actually more time consuming, and requires more than a voice actor in many cases....although many voice actors can also act as well.

Not sure what they consider low payment though...if they don't have trouble finding work, I'd imagine anything that pays less than they could make elsewhere would be low.

-Foxtrot1227d ago

Oh but they don't mind paying a shit load of money to Sutherland...a guy who doesn't even give a shit about the franchise, just wants his payslip and is nothing compared to the original.

God Konami are whack.

You probably could have had him along with Hayter back and that would probably cost less money then what they most likely spent on someone like Sutherland

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1227d ago

Provide evidence that Kiefer doesn't care about the franchise. The VGAs Kiefer came on stage on gave a speech giving Kojima and MGS series a lot of praise. Also you don't know how much they paid for Kiefer so don't say that you know that he gets paid a sh** ton when in fact David Hayter mentioned in an interview that Kiefer may not even get paid nearly as much as people think he is.

-Foxtrot1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

"The VGAs Kiefer came on stage on gave a speech giving Kojima and MGS series a lot of praise" a speech at a film award show or any other show. Just reading already written stuff of a Teleprompter

"Also you don't know how much they paid for Kiefer"

It's Kiefer actor who has been in a variety of films and TV shows. Especially 24. He was most likely the most well paid guy out of the lot.

"Provide evidence that Kiefer doesn't care about the franchise"

Have you seen the interviews when talking about Snake. It's like he doesn't even want to be there, you don't need to be a whizz to understand basic body language.

Summons751227d ago

There was an official video where Kiefer says he doesn't play video games and has never heard of MGS before in his life. But you expect him to automatically know his entire character development....

Like Foxtrot said too. Kiefer is famous, a much higher tier than Troy Baker. Kiefer is getting a hefty check out of this, especially because he doesn't care about video games.

I agree with Foxtrot, Kiefer doesn't care about this role. Have you even played Ground Zeroes? He sounds like he just just whispering to kinda sorta but not really sound like Snake. He has no emotion in his voice or in his face during motion capture. Hell Snake's iconic like "kept you waiting, huh?" by Kiefer sounds just rushed. Heck you can even determine Kiefer's care level based on the interviews....which he doesn't done about the game since that initial video with him in it. Troy Baker is out there saying as much as he can and you can tell he is 100% excited for the game, the opportunity, and just everything he's learned.

-Foxtrot1227d ago


Exactly. Troy Baker isn't even the main character in this game yet because of how much he's promoting the game it comes across that he is.

It's across like Konami said to Toy like "Listen Troy Kiefer isn't going to be saying much about this game because...well you know, so you'll have to promote this game twice as much and do his share".

I don't see why many people are trying to defend him, it's like a bunch of 24 addicts saying he's amazing just because he's "Jack Bauer"...well guess what he's not Jack in this he's Snake, he has something to live up to and when a voice actor plays the part better then you who is a full on actor then you have a problem.

Oh and I don't see why I'm getting disagrees above. His speech at the VGA's was on a do people not get that. What's he said lately about the game...oh that's right nothing because he's clueless.

vSnAkE1227d ago

Or he could have not said anything at all about Kiefer but he goes out of his way to talk about it.

rainslacker1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Part of Kiefer's pay is likely tied to his marketing of the game. His marketing is likely to be more mainstream than Troy Baker's, because people actually know who Sutherland is. That extra pay he's getting, regardless of if he cares about the franchise, is being earned through his name recognition, and not his acting abilities. In the movie industry, they call this the "box office draw", and while I'm dubious on how much of that Sutherland actually has, he does indeed have his fans, and he is instantly recognizable within a wide swath of the public.

Troy Baker seems like a smart guy, and I doubt even he could argue that Sutherland is worth more from a marketing perspective than he himself is. I think Baker is a better actor, and much more versatile though.

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Sevchenko2111227d ago

wow! you do care quite a bit don't you.

-Foxtrot1227d ago

Well obviously

1) It's Metal Gear Solid


2) It's a video game

vSnAkE1227d ago

I'm a huge 24 fan but I didn't want Kiefer bening Snake because I know he can't get away from Jack Bauer but I enjoyed his performance in the cassette tapes and Quiet trailer since it wasn't that much Bauer-ish.

Troy hasn't been promoting the game really. Only when he is asked about then he talks about it and that has only been twice, other than that he's promoting Uncharted 4 and Batman.

If you think Troy cares so much about the franchise then why can't you take his word about Kiefer's performance and interest in the role?

-Foxtrot1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

"then why can't you take his word about Kiefer's performance and interest in the role?"

Because he worked with the's like a code. You don't slag off your co-worker because it makes you look bad when trying to find work yourself.

Every person within TV, Films, Games usually bigs up the other guy who's also in it. Hell even friends of someone being criticized would jump in to defend him even if he's not in the TV/Film/Game etc

flyingwombat331227d ago

Dude, you've got to give it a rest. You're more than welcome to your opinion that you don't like him in the role and that he's not properly characterizing Big Boss, but to pretend it's based on some degree of objectivity seems a little audacious to me. First, you say that Troy Baker's going out and promoting the game, and you can tell that he gives a shit about it because of that, and then you say that he's only defending Kiefer's performance because of some 'code'. That logic seems a little backwards to me. Couldn't Troy just be promoting the game because of some 'code'? I haven't heard any interview where Troy went out of his way to talk about the game, people always ask him about it, and Kiefer just doesn't do interviews with the gaming press. We can sit here all day and wonder why that is, but ultimately, everything you're saying is based on conjecture. When he spoke at the VGA's (and I know it was scripted), he claimed he wasn't on prompter. I don't think I believe that, but it did seem clear that he really wanted to communicate that he was excited to become a real part of this industry. Does that mean you have to like his performance? No, but I don't get the impression that he's just going into the studio and reading lines off a page, I do think he's trying to do his best to represent the character.

-Foxtrot1226d ago


" You're more than welcome to your opinion "

Obviously not if the first thing you say is

"Dude, you've got to give it a rest"


Spotie1227d ago

At first I was like, "No, that's Johnny Yong Bosch."

Then I got to the Metal Gear part and I was like, "Oh."

PhoenixUp1227d ago

So Konami has no problem replacing David Hayter as the voice of Big Boss, but they were still in board with Jim Poddock reprising his role at a point in time? BS!

1227d ago
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