Sony PS4 Slim: 8 Ultimate Wishlist Features It Must Have

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day… now where’s the backwards compatibility?!

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xHeavYx882d ago

This list is so stupid that one of the "PS4 Features"they want is demos for every game.
What does that have to do with the PS4 slim?
Most of their wishlist includes things that can be done with a firmware update.

CryofSilence882d ago

My thoughts exactly. Reported story.

bf000777966882d ago

Top feature for Ps4 slim is
2.less power hungry
3.less noisy
4.less hot

xHeavYx882d ago

4 and 5 contradict each other =p

OverdosedWitDopeness882d ago

All I want is rear usbs I hate having a flash drive or charge cable connected it throws off the design for me.

DrumBeat882d ago

Isn't the PS4 already slim enough?

Transporter47882d ago

I actually don't believe there will be a Slim version of the PS4. The X1 maybe, but the PS4 I don't think so.

rainslacker882d ago

Maybe not a slim...can't really make a motherboard, power supply, optical drive, and disc drive much slimmer, and these things all pretty much just sit on top of each other inside the case. I could however see the width being cut back some as the motherboard footprint is likely to get smaller as the years progress.

WeAreLegion882d ago

How is this site still allowed on N4G?

Every single one of these except BC could be done on the current PS4.

The_Truth_24_7882d ago

Such a stupid article. I got halfway and stopped. All of the wishes are software/firmware related. You don't need a slim for that.
On my blacklist now.

FoxyGotGame882d ago

PS4 was released pre-slimmed. A new form factor could be good, but for me, the Console really doesn't need a re-size.

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The story is too old to be commented.