15 Reasons Why Horizon: Zero Dawn Will Be A Game Changer For The Open World Genre

Already poised as one of E3's top most anticipated games, GamingBolt takes a look at 15 reasons why Horizon: Zero Dawn will be a game changer for the open world genre.

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miyamoto1165d ago

I hope this has Online MP like Uncharted

medman1164d ago

They have already made it clear this game is single player focused, with no multiplayer, but some social aspects included. So it's single player, as it should be.

mayberry1165d ago

I think the weapons and how they are modified could be the game changer for this title. And GG have always done their weapons very well. Also the mechs in killzone could've been a stand alone title! They were BOSS! GG has already done the mechanical npc in a way that was new, fresh and very well thought out. Cannot wait!

Lamboomington1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

15 reasons why horizon zero dawn will be a game changer for the open world genre

15 slides to click through one at a time don't bother wasting your time