Lian Li launches Tyr X2000 gaming tower

TAIWAN'S LIAN-LI has unveiled what appears to be its sexiest HTPC/Gaming Chassis to date with the Tyr X2000.

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Kill Sarah3671d ago

umm .. what the hell is this ? lol

Charmers3671d ago

A very expensive kick ass PC case. That is what that is.

TABSF3671d ago

its a 771 socket motherboard for xeon processors.

i would love this with a 64bit operating system. 16GB RAM plus more when 4GB sticks come out 2 xeon quad core and 3 pci express ports.

only problem is the chipsets dont look good (this is because other like inters p 45 or nforce 780i look miles more complex) but i guess i should not jugde a book by its cover

Bolts3671d ago

The best thing about their cases? Its the way the cool brushed aluminium feels to the touch. It just feels like quality and the styling is trendy as hell too. Too bad they always cost a lot.