F1 2015 Reportedly Broken At Launch On PC; Codemasters Reponds To User Complaints

It is rather strange to see that the PC version has received the less attention among all the platforms, but Codemasters is not keeping silent and they have noticed the issues present in the PC version.

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nX888d ago

Yet another botched PC version, what is wrong with developers these days...?

Qrphe888d ago

>these days

This has been some the 7th gen started

crazychris4124888d ago

I told you this would happen. Those specs were way too high for a game that is properly optimized.

Seafort888d ago

Developers seem to think that PCs are the same as consoles nowadays and they aren't.

On PC we don't have unified RAM we have 2 separate RAM, system RAM and Video RAM but they try to clump them all up like they do on consoles.

It just doesn't work. I wish developers would put a bit of effort into the PC platform and stop being so fking greedy and cutting corners all the time.

It never works out and always costs them more in the long run.

Maybe that's the problem. They think short term profits not long term investment.

fermcr888d ago

What the hell is wrong with these developers?
Another developer down the drain. Codemasters, shame on you.

Someone should sue these guys. I hope the European Union makes a case against developers like this and fine the hell out of them.

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The story is too old to be commented.