Awesome Batman Arkham Knight Matrix Style Burly Brawl 200+ Combo (Minor Spoilers)

An epic fight scene from Batman Arkham Knight which resembles the infamous burly brawl fight with Agent Smith in The Matrix Reloaded movie. Contains a character spoiler.

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ps4fanboy1132d ago

Should be a separate section for anything spoiler related , I don't even like reading the headline for post describing the guide...
*sings* guides , what are they good for? Absolutely nothing!

DerekFlint0071132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

new trailer - for batman fans - enjoy - Batman v Superman dawn of Justice -

loganbdh1132d ago

Way better than this vid.

LAWSON721132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

I wanted to like it but it gives off a vibe that it is a Superman sequel which was mediocre. If anything Batman fans should be upset both are not in the spotlight. The movie is clearly focused on Superman by having Lex as the main villian and the movie is about the fear of Superman's power.

joab7771132d ago

I think this movie is going to spend alot of time w/ Batman, and he's getting his also.