Story Telling in Mirror's Edge Will be 2D

ButtonMasher writes - Three weeks ago EA released some new screenshots and a 2D trailer, for the most part I thought it was an interesting diversion from the normal in-game trailer, it turns out there is something more to it

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Tacki3648d ago

I don't know how anyone else feels, but that really sucks for me. The visuals in this game are gorgeous and I hated that animated trailer. I'll still likely buy it since the gameplay is what matters most in a title like this... but damn... that's some disappointing news.

Ugh... I guess I'll just have to suffer through the Kim Possible sh!t.

iamtehpwn3648d ago

that just KILLED this game for me.
I'm not sure I was going to buy it now,
and before it was a DEFINITE sale.

LightofDarkness3648d ago

Cool. I like that. Just like Max Payne. Comic panels FTW. Let's hope they manage a decent atmosphere.

Rourker3648d ago

max payne's comic book style was very sweet.

Will_Smith3648d ago

Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops did too.. and might i say, it was great

SSJSubgeta3648d ago

I think its a great break away method from the "WOW look at the graphics" factor. Even if its the story being told in 2D, its a great change in atmosphere in the game. I have to say they have a great art direction where they are taking this.

Mc Fadge3648d ago

If it's anything like the storybook trailer they released earlier, I'm disappointed :<

arngrim2293648d ago

i dont like the art in the 2d story segments, animated is fine aslong as its high quality animation, not flash animation, its choppy and just sorta lazy seriously it looks like high quality flash animation on newgroundz, its good for flash but not for a game.....bleh

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The story is too old to be commented.