Mad Max Gameplay Video From Comic Con 2015

During their visit to the Xbox Lounge,Skewed and Reviewed got some hands on time with Mad Max. Awkward controls aside, they found it fun and at times brutal mix of Grand Theft Auto, Batman Combat, and Apocalypse survival.

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Izalith1050d ago

I think this title can be a potential sleeper hit or the Shadow Of Mordor title of 2015. Mad Max is looking awesome, gonna get it even though MGS V is gonna steal me away for a long time.

showtimefolks1050d ago

I hope this game is shadow of mordor like hit from last year

mep691050d ago

Shadow of Mordor was boring and bland. The only reason people gave it praise was because of Lord of the Rings nostalgia.

Sketchy_Galore1050d ago


I was never a fan of Lord of the Rings but I really liked Shadow of Mordor. I do agree, however, that the environments and main quest were rather bland and lifeless but I think it's more likely that most people liked the game (like I did) because the combat was fun and the Nemesis system really worked well.

mep691050d ago

How can you contradict yourself like that. You agree that it's bland and lifeless and then say that the simplistic combat was fun as well as the repetitive nemesis system. I don't know about you, but i play games for their stories, not just taping a single button and doing repetitive side quests.

Sketchy_Galore1050d ago

It's not a contradiction to say I liked one thing about a game and didn't like another. I play games for many reasons, I tend to prefer a game with a good story but if that was all I could ever appreciate about a game I wouldn't currently be addicted to Rocket league. I'm going to end it there because you're starting to seem like you're either 12 or the lead Dev of Shadow of Mordor stole your girlfriend or something.

showtimefolks1050d ago


i meant hit as something that came out of no where and became a big hit critics/sales wise. i actually agree with you, i didn't have a lot of dun with shadow of mordor, but to each their own

guyman1049d ago (Edited 1049d ago )

Boring and bland?

It had really fun and impactful combat/gameplay and was certainly better than 80% of games released last year. The nemesis system was genius as well and provided a lot of replay value. I enjoyed the open world too. Story was pretty poor, but that does not make it a "bland game". Gameplay is most important in any game, and shadow of mordor exceeded in that regard.

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traumadisaster1050d ago

I'm really excited for this game, I was blown away by the craziness of the movie and anything in that messed up world would be cool to play as a video game.

Remember the friggin guitar player chained to the hood! wow!

CP_Company1050d ago

looks better and better every week.

Garethvk1050d ago

On the Xbox One the controls took some getting used to. X to hit and Y to block, ok, but in the car, directional pad to pick a weapon, and b to fire. I kept wanting to use the bumpers.

starchild1050d ago

Hopefully it has re-assignable control mapping. The game looks good.

fanboysmackdown1049d ago

This guy's camera skills suck.

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