Muse: Together is the New Alone for PS4 and PS Vita Announced by PixelJunk Eden Art Director

At Bitsummit 2015 PixelJunk Eden Art Director and Composer Baiyon announced a new game he’s directing in collaboration with Pigmy Studio, titled Muse: Together is the New Alone.

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Lonnie181252d ago

I love the pixeljunk games, very talented developers.

Lazyeye791251d ago

Awesome, but I'm still waiting on a PixelJunk: Monsters 2. One of my favorite games from last gen.

ChronoJoe1251d ago

I'm moderately concerned that the studios titles are diverging from more concrete, enjoyable experiences to more experimental, or art based games.

These titles are interesting, but often less enjoyable. Pixeljunk 4am was a disaster, Nom Nom Galaxy has interesting mechanics but it really doesn't come together. It's complex, but sometimes it just feels as though it's that way for the sake of it, rather than to add any enjoyment to the player experience.

Traditionally, games like Pixeljunk Shooter, Racer, Monsters etc. were based on taking gameplay staples of certain genres, and producing a polished, innovative title within those genres, using many of the genres gameplay staples, alongside their own creative mechanics. I liked these games a lot, but games like this? I'm not so sure of.

Muse looks interesting though, so I'm not dismissing it. I just wish they would make a Pixeljunk Monsters too, or reinvent another classic genre with the Pixeljunk prefix.

KryptoniteTail1251d ago

I am curious about this for Vita.